Dear Mr. Farah,

There is such a massive drive to take our guns away that it may get slowed down at times, but it will never stop until we get rid of the Progressives in government. We can and should hold them accountable for their sins and the laws they are breaking, but we don’t even do that. As long as we keep putting lawyers in office, we are asking for trouble and we will get it. The last people we should be putting in office are lawyers. They spend half their time in school learning how to turn a question around on someone else and how to lie without even batting an eye.

As for getting people to stand up for their rights – how? They have been told their entire life that it is not acceptable to protect yourself from home invaders and rapist and all the other scum on the streets. We are the problem, not them. They are just poor little mistreated youths that have no home and are simply trying to make a living to support themselves, and it is us that are holding them down.

Personally, I think lawyers should be barred from public office for at least the next 100 years, and maybe we can get this mess cleaned up and some progress made in the right direction.

I believe that every person that wants to own a gun has a right to own one, and no one should be able to stop them. Now granted, there are some that we need to keep guns away from, but on the whole, most people are decent people that will not abuse the right to own and carry a gun.

Ed Broberg

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