Rush Limbaugh

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, Limbaugh reminded listeners that back in the 1970s, one of the president’s friends first achieved notoriety as a domestic terrorist (FREE audio).

“[Weatherman terrorist turned professor] Bill Ayers didn’t blow up the Boston Marathon,” said Rush, “but somebody like him did. Somebody like him did, and that could mean that whoever did this could someday be celebrated in this country if things don’t change. Whoever did it could end up being on the faculty at Columbia University. Today, Bill Ayers – who did the same thing as happened yesterday in Boston – is a celebrated figure on college campi, a celebrated figure in ‘the American academy.'”

Michael Savage

Dr. Savage predicted that the Saudi national described as a “person of interest” after the Boston Marathon terror attack would be released, and he was right (FREE audio).

He suspects that the White House is under pressure to arrest a white “tea party” member in connection with the bombing.

“The government knows a Saudi suspect isn’t good for their gun-grabbing, pro-amnesty agenda,” Savage explained, “So they let him go. We may never know who conducted the Boston massacre, either, because the government doesn’t want you to know.”

Michael Savage also blasted the so-called “Gang of Eight” senators who are pushing the latest amnesty bill (FREE audio).

“I thought I lived in a constitutional republic,” mused Savage. “I thought I lived in a participatory democracy.

“Instead, I see a ‘gang’ of eight men who were going to introduce an important bill at a big press conference, declaring amnesty for 30 million illegal aliens. We have a rigged system,” Savage concluded. “The U.N. should start supervising our elections.”

Mark Levin

Although he didn’t mention his name on the air, Mark Levin has accused a Republican congressman of trying to get his radio show cancelled, at least in one market (FREE audio).

“He wants our major affiliate in his district where my program is heard to remove my show,” Levin explained. “This Republican congressman, who is fairly powerful, is sliming around in the background, in the shadows trying to get my show removed from one of the major radio stations in his district. Know what they call that, Mr. Producer? They call that fascism.”

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., joined Mark Levin to talk about the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, but Levin wasn’t impressed (FREE audio).

The next day, Levin told his followers on Twitter and Facebook that Rubio reminded him of a “slick used care salesman,” noting, “Rubio … sounded nervous at times, and also didn’t make sense at times (such as when he talked about how Americans wages are being depressed – blatantly ignoring how his amnesty scheme would flood the labor market and drive down Americans wages even more). But Rubio obviously has pro-amnesty talking points down pat.”

Aaron Klein

Aaron Klein also talked about Columbia University’s recent decision to appoint a convicted Weather Underground terrorist to its faculty, noting this isn’t the first time an American college has hired a domestic terrorist as a professor (FREE audio).

On a related note, he revealed the facts behind MSNBC’s bizarre commercial, in which an on-air host declares that children belong to the government, not their parents. Klein also looked into what he called the “biggest gun threat in America” – the rise of illegal alien street gangs. Illegal alien street gangs.

Laura Ingraham

Marco Rubio defended his controversial immigration bill on Laura Ingraham’s program (FREE audio).

Ingraham was concerned about many aspects of the proposed legislation, particularly the stipulation that would-be immigrants prove they’d been in the U.S. on or before Dec. 31, 2011. How could such a requirement be enforced?

Rubio replied that applicants would be asked to provide proof of residency such as utility bills and bank statements, but Ingraham cast doubt on the reliability of such evidence.

Laura also spoke to the Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, Mike McCaul, about the possible connection between the nation’s lax immigration enforcement and the Boston Marathon bombing (FREE audio).

“I just think there are all sorts of security implications,” she said, “aside from the other arguments on immigration, national security implications that we don’t talk with enough frankness and certitude here. We can’t stop every attack, but my goodness, if we had borders that were shut down, and we actually had a proper screening process, maybe we could stop some of them.”

Glenn Beck

Like most radio hosts, Glenn Beck does “live reads” of ads for his show’s sponsors. Later this month, he will be experimenting with new commercials on this Internet television program, TheBlaze.

These unusual commercials will be live and 90-seconds long, as opposed to the much shorter 15- and 30-second commercials usually aired on TV. Industry watchers note that it is another example of the kinds of experiments Beck’s company is conducting as they try to adapt traditional broadcasting practices to new media.

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