(Al Jazeera) — According to angry pro-life activists, the left media hates babies so much that it refuses to cover the case of Kermit Gosnell, a “doctor” in Pennsylvania accused of performing illegal abortions. The Grand Jury report is gruesome, with Gosnell accused of operating a horror show, killing infants and at least one woman, and maiming many others. Why is no one covering this? wondered Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers in a USA Today column. Male writers at mainstream publications followed suit, implying that the lack of coverage was part of a pro-choice left-wing cover-up.

If there was a pro-choice left-wing cover-up, it was a pretty shoddy one. After all, feminist and pro-choice writers covered Gosnell extensively when the story first broke in 2010 and in 2011 when the Grand Jury report detailing Gosnell’s alleged crimes was filed. Coverage came from Katha Pollitt in the Nation, Amanda Marcotte in Slate, Kate Harding in Salon, Margaret Hartman and Erin Gloria Ryan in Jezebel, Akiba Solomon in Colorlines, Lori Adelman in NBC’s the Grio, Michelle Goldberg in the Daily Beast, and dozens of other pieces in smaller publications and on blogs, including yours truly. We all condemned him in strong terms, using phrases like “horror show”, “house of horrors” and “butcher”, and detailed the accusations.

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