It’s increasingly obvious the real enemy of our country is the Democratic Party.


As Pat Buchanan says, consider: The Democrats want to change the best medical care system in the world. The Democrats want near unlimited immigration that changes every aspect of our once national identity. The Democrats want all mention of God removed from public life, and surely private life if they were able to do so. The Democrats say proof of identity should not be necessary to vote. The Democrats enabled the election of a president whose eligibility is highly doubtful. The Democrats want to impose severe restrictions on gun ownership, and would surely outlaw private ownership if they were able. The Democrats champion abortion, the slaughter of innocents. The Democrats wish total control of every aspect of Americans’ private lives.

When I see those well-groomed, well-staffed, well-spoken Democrats, I see those who intend to do my country harm. And I have only to surf the Internet or talk to neighbors to find my sentiments are widely shared.

But sadly nothing will be done.

Because of illegal immigration, our country is fragmented into disparate groups who seldom agree on anything. And we surely can’t look to Republicans in power for help. If they had even a semblance of spine, they would be relentless and creative in proving Obama’s ineligibility.

Only God can now restore our country to its original intent. I pray that He acts. And trite as that sounds, I know millions of others are praying as I do. Let it be so.

Laurence L.

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