(LIFENEWS.COM) There’s been a lot of condemnation among conservatives and pro-lifers towards the mainstream media for ignoring the trial of Kermit Gosnell.

Gosnell ran a disgusting house of horrors in Philadelphia, where he preyed on low-income and minority women. His clinic was filthy – investigators found cat feces and blood on the floors, and more blood smeared on the the equipment. At least one patient has said that she was forced into her abortion after changing her mind. Other patients were injured or infected with STDs. Gosnell killed at least two women and God knows how many infants. He kept their tiny feet in jars on shelves. Other bodies were left to rot in rooms around the clinic.

As the trial has progressed, more and more lurid details have come to light. Clinic workers have testified about how the babies screamed before being killed, or about how they would play with the babies before snipping their little necks. There should be constant media coverage – yet for some reason, the media has been nearly silent. Even a group of politicians spoke out about the media’s burial of this story.

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