The campaign for “gay marriage” is splitting a lot of groups these days – dividing those who advocate “equality” by applying the term “married” to same-sex duos from those who believe the millennia-old standard established by the Bible is appropriate.

Including a rock band.

According to a report at, members of the band One Floor Away have asked their lead guitarist to leave the group after he refused to relinquish his advocacy for special “marriage” designation for same-sex duos.

On the band’s website, members say they formed in 2009 and are fronted by Marty Sears. They describe themselves as “a high-energy pop rock band,” and that they have been influenced by Switchfoot and Skillet.

“Marty’s smooth vocals are matched by his incredible guitar skill. Whether he is playing an electric riff, or an acoustical lead, his sound is sure to stay with you long after listening,” the band explains.

Other members listed are Caleb White on drums and vocals, KC Sawyer on keyboards and vocals and Mark Smith on guitar.

The website also states, “As a socially conscious band, One Floor Away is committed to promoting positive and constructive moral values.”

And that caught Smith. reported his band mates in the Christian band told him he would have to quit as lead guitarist unless he changed his position.

“It sort of blew my mind,” Smith told “It was like a smack to the side of the head.”

Sawyer, the keyboardist, told the news agency he was not making comments about the subject.

“What we do with our band we prefer to keep quiet,” he said.

But Smith said in the report that his now-former band mates were “short-sighted.”

And he said he told the band to remove his part from a single recently released on iTunes because he wouldn’t support them.

The band in action:

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