Rush Limbaugh

Was Vice President Biden “drunk at the ‘TIME 100’ gala?” Limbaugh was led to wonder after Biden’s puzzling remark, “If the purpose of terror is to instill fear, you saw none of that in Boston” (FREE audio).

Limbaugh mused: “Was the vice president a little bit overindulgent in adult beverages, or was he joking? I don’t know what time the speech was. That might not be a factor anyway, but we watched a major American metropolitan area of more than one million people on lockdown. A million people were told to stay home from work, stay home from school, to shelter in place. … I saw a lot of lives changed.”

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Rush added that, as usual, the mainstream media is making excuses for the Boston Marathon terrorists.

“This meme is now all over the drive-by media,” he noted. “It didn’t take long. It’s the fault of the United States for what happened in Boston. So the meme is we did it, the United States. We are responsible. There’s an agenda, but it’s our fault. Islam’s got nothing to do with this” (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

Like millions of Americans, Dr. Savage was outraged when he learned that the two accused Boston Marathon bombings were receiving public assistance. However, he wasn’t surprised.

He notes that the country is now in the hands of an elite establishment devoted to destroying the United States from within (FREE audio).

“Borders, language and culture define a nation,” Savage reminded his listeners, warning the elites want to destroy these three crucial elements.

“Any sane nation would rise up and not permit this to happen,” he added. “We’ve gone from a melting pot to a chamber pot.”

Speaking of “pots,” Savage noticed that a pro-marijuana rally in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park had left that public space looking like a disaster area (FREE audio):

“Those peace and love ‘earth’ … left ten thousand pounds of trash that will cost the city thousands of dollars to clean up.

“Like the Chinese who had opium dumped on them by the British to subdue them,” Savage explained, “you had pot dumped on you by George Soros. He spent millions of dollars in California and Arizona ten years ago to pass the first medical marijuana laws. … This is why the country is in the mess it is in.”

Mark Levin

Were Jeb Bush to run for president, it would be “an unhealthy development for a republic,” said Mark Levin this week (FREE audio).

“Since when in America are we so bankrupt, in terms of statesmen,” he asked, “that we would have to have three people from the same family as president? This is like Argentina with the Perons. You know, family members, one handing it off to the other.”

Pollster Frank Luntz was secretly recorded at the University of Pennsylvania this week, claiming that talk radio hosts like Mark Levin are “destroying” Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., by criticizing his immigration bill (FREE audio).

“He’s getting destroyed by Mark Levin, by Rush Limbaugh and a few others,” Luntz told a group of students, in what was supposed to be an off-the-record exchange. “He’s trying to find a legitimate, long-term effective solution to immigration that isn’t the traditional Republican approach, and talk radio is killing him.”

Aaron Klein

Investigative journalist Aaron Klein is trying to answer all the unanswered questions about what really happened in Boston. Was there a Saudi connection? How were the terrorists funded? Where are other sleeper cells located and when are they planning to strike? (FREE audio)

Klein also reveals that government stimulus money went to fund an “ACORN” school for would-be radicals that teaches street-protest tactics. Klein was also joined by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., for a conversation about the proposed immigration legislation, Hillary Clinton’s recent testimony and if the American public will ever learn more about the Benghazi massacre.

Laura Ingraham

In the wake of the Boston terror attacks, Sen. Paul spoke to Ingraham about the importance of tying the current immigration debate into a conversation about national security.

He added that the only way the new immigration bill will pass in both the House and the Senate is if conservative lawmakers are confident that it includes strong border-enforcement provisions (FREE audio).

Ingraham continued this conversation all week with guest like Rudy Giuliani.

Glenn Beck

This week, Glenn Beck has been asking authorities to take a second look at the mysterious “Saudi national” who was first implicated in the Boston bombings and then eliminated as a suspect (FREE audio).

The Christian Science Monitor, however, is shedding doubts on Beck’s “conspiracy theory.”

Washington Editor Peter Grier notes that others, such as Fox News’ Bret Baier, have already looked into the same supposedly suspicious documents and come to a very different conclusion: that the Saudi in question was actually a victim of the attacks, not a perpetrator.

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