The letter arrived, and I put the date on my calendar – May 1. My call for jury duty.

Interesting date: May Day, a communist holiday.

Nothing sinister in that coincidence, unless I look at what the nut-jobs in the California Legislature are doing!

The law says that to serve on a jury a person must be a U.S. citizen.

But Democrat Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski wants to change that.

He’s Chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee. Alon with seven other Democrat committee members, he has submitted AB-1401. It passed the Assembly Thursday, 45 to 25.

Only one Democrat voted no, and given the Democrat control of the legislature, things look good for Bob.

If AB-1401 passes the Senate and is signed by the governor, it would make California the first state in the country to allow non-citizens to serve on juries.

Technically, someone who is not a citizen but in the country legally, living in the jurisdiction involved, and is proficient in the language, would be allowed to serve.

I guess that means we can kiss “jury of my peers” goodbye. A non-citizen is not my peer.

Language proficiency? Are you kidding? Who tests them? Who decides? Can someone be excluded because of their status, language proficiency or lack of knowledge of U.S. history, laws and government?

Judging by the terrible language proficiency I’ve seen in hundreds of non-citizen immigrants who are here legally, Wieckowski’s bill doesn’t cut any ice with me.

Then again, he’s from the city of Fremont, an area filled with immigrants – legal and otherwise – from across the world.

You can chalk this up to another political attempt to garner votes from anyone above room temperature.

I’ve always considered it an honor to have the possibility of serving on a jury and always hoped for an interesting, complicated case.

I’ve been called several times over the years, but was never chosen for a variety of reasons – parental duties, the court canceling the summons, lawyers not liking my line of work in news.

The one time I made the cut, they reached the number of people they needed before I was called, so that was that. It was a drunken driving case.

But through it all, I remembered that the law guarantees those charged with crimes would be judged by a jury of their peers.

The idea that elected legislators want to change that is more than abhorrent to me. It smacks of treason.

It’s no different than intermittent efforts across the country to allow non-citizens to vote on school board elections or local elections or have other rights of citizenship without the legal right to be a citizen.

That such illogic would gain credence and support should be frightening to anyone who cares about the country.

This is still the United States of America, but that’s changing. The meaning of our sovereignty and the value of our citizenship are being chipped away by liberals, progressives, leftists, socialists and communists. Any of those, or all of them – their goal is the destruction of the country, and it appears they’re succeeding.

Those people working to destroy this country – or, as the man who is president phrases it, “fundamentally change this country” – are like termites. They eat away at the foundation of a house every day, ignored by the residents, until the house collapses.

That’s what happening, and the culprits are many. They’ve infested foreign policy, the military, the economy, immigration, the law, the media, the culture and the Constitution.

In the case of immigration, the final battles are being fought and while politicians spout all kinds of “solutions,” the issue is totally politicized and boils down to votes and power.

The politicians don’t care how those people get here, who they are, where they are now or what benefits they get from taxpayers.

All they care about is granting them citizenship – whether they call it the DREAM Act, the pathway to citizenship or amnesty – it’s all the same: bargain basement American citizenship, especially for brown-skinned people who speak Spanish.

It aches to write such racist drivel but that is, in fact, what Republicans and Democrats are doing when they spout their rhetoric about “fixing” our immigration laws.

Washington is roiled with the immigration debate, but it’s not a debate. It’s a political ploy to wear us down so the administration’s goals will be achieved.

Whether you call it amnesty or path to citizenship or “open the borders guys and come on in” – the end result is that we’ll have lost the country.

It won’t matter whether Republicans survive as a party. We’ll have a de facto dictator in Washington, with a political cohort to do exactly what he wants and the Constitution and the rule of law be damned.

Similar to what we have now.

The man in the Oval Office and his government henchmen do what they please, ignore laws and take no heat for it.

Citizens can rant and rail, but without a free media to fight the battle of right and wrong, the battle is lost.

Benghazi? Fast and Furious? Fort Hood? Dr. Gosnell’s abortion mill? What are they?

All need coverage by an impartial media to inform the public and hold the feet of the guilty to the fire to face the judicial music.

What happened?

Nothing – and anyone who complains is derided, insulted and demeaned.

Now every level of government bends over backward to give away the heart of being an American: citizenship.

When Attorney General Eric Holder speaks to the racist MALDEF – the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund – and says, with a straight face, creating a “pathway to earned citizenship is a civil and human right,” and not one politician corrects him, you know the battle is almost lost.

And so is the country.

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