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Stupid or evil?

Regarding the story “AP giving way to ‘political correctness on steroids'” – the AP was incorrect in the first place with the use of the term “illegal immigrant.” The correct term used by the federal government is “illegal alien.”

In trying to soften the terminology for this group of lawbreakers, the AP exposes the intelligence and character of its organization and reporters. The left-wing media are an incredibly arrogant group who think they are smarter than the American people. By aiding and abetting the reckless and lawless of this administration, they are either too stupid to see they are being played and the disastrous consequences of providing cover for political ambitions bent on evil, or they are complicit and willing accomplices in destroying the rule of law by virtue of hiding the truth from the American people.

That’s about where I would leave it. Are they stupid or evil? Could be both.

M.J. Lewis