WHANGARAI, New Zealand – As the GOP rebuilds itself after two drubbings at the hands of a Kenyan communist whose policies are as bogus as his “birth certificate” and as bankrupt as his treasury, it should take courage and show it. For the left is finished.

Every one of the major policies espoused with such vicious venom by the international hard left is now proving to be a failure. Read the rap sheet of the fascism and Marxism in which Black Jesus has immersed himself since his name was Soetero, aka Soebarkah, and he was (as he still is) a citizen of Indonesia:

Genocide: The ruthless, totalitarian extremism of Guevara, Hitler, Ho Chi Minh, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, Pol Pot et hoc genus omne killed 100 million in the 20th century and continues to victimize working people everywhere. The left have killed more people worldwide than any other political movement in history.

Criminal negligence: The welfare state, supposedly the human face of the left, has proven to be a cruel disaster. The poor, the supposed beneficiaries of the taxpayer’s involuntary largesse, have been imprisoned in incurable, institutionalized poverty and unemployment, sometimes for three or four successive generations.

Criminal bankruptcy: The money to pay for the welfare state has run out. Cyprus is one of the earliest signs that every welfare state becomes a bankrupt state. The re-election of Obama – who has now borrowed more money than all the real presidents of the United States since Washington added together – happened not merely because the Republicans (for the second time in a row) chose the one candidate who had no chance of defeating him. It happened because the fast-growing gaggle of turkeys on the taxpayer’s dime were not going to vote for Thanksgiving.

International organized crime: Supra-national and global crime syndicates such as the U.N. and the EU have long been the exclusive province of the left, which controls them absolutely. They have failed, not least because the left – which hates and fears democracy – refuses to countenance the election of the Security Politburo of the U.N. or of the grim Kommissars who are the absolute despots of the EU. The U.S. now has nothing to lose by quitting the U.N. altogether, just as the U.K. is well on its way to leaving the hated EU.

Serious fraud: The climate-change scam, driven entirely by the left, is the world’s largest organized-crime fraud. The corruption is now so complete that few police forces can be persuaded even to consider the possibility that the outright tampering with scientific data that has been practiced by too many climate “scientists” for decades is serious fraud. But that is what it is. The basis for the fraud is now collapsing, but the fraudsters in governments, bureaucracies, banks, universities, schools, “renewable”-energy boondoggles and the media continue to rake in billions while Mr. Plod looks the other way.

The GOP, which understandably lacks confidence after its second defeat at the hands of Barry Soetero, should take heart from the multiple, irredeemable failures of the left. It now needs a clear program of work to capitalize on the left’s reverse Midas touch.

First, the GOP will need to find and to groom a true leader who can beat Hillary Clinton and become the next president of the United States. McCain was too old and too far to the left. Romney was too remote from working people and flip-flopped all over the place on policy. Now the GOP needs a Scott Walker to cajole or face down the vested interests and balance the budget, and a Ted Cruz to speak with a clearer and more compelling voice than the fumbling, bumbling McCain or the remote, over-slick Romney. It must not wait until the primaries. It must find its man at once and thrust him forward into the public eye.

Secondly, the GOP will need to stop being the stupid party and start getting seriously to grips with policy. If it has a policy to address America’s biggest problem – the financial bankruptcy that Obama has willfully wrought – then it has not yet gotten that policy across. One of the reasons why the United Kingdom Independence Party in the U.K. is doing so well at the expense of Not The Conservative Party is that it has a coherent, practicable and believable plan to turn Britain from massive welfare-state-driven deficit into healthy surplus at minimum political cost.

Thirdly, the GOP must stop being so rabbit-like in its timidity that it never dares to point out that the left’s policies are plumb wrong. When did you last hear senior figures in the GOP say that the U.N. has had its day and is now too corrupt and self-serving to be of any further use? When did the GOP as a whole come out plainly and say that the climate scam is just that – a scam? When did it say the welfare state on the present model is doomed to failure and must be radically reformed to make it affordable? No, I didn’t hear it either.

America needs a voice now. The silence of leading figures in the GOP on these and other spectacular failures of the left is culpable. If the GOP will not now stand up and speak out against the multiplying failures of the left’s most cherished policies, then it will be the GOP, even before the left, that will be consigned to the recyclable trash-stash of history.

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