Dear Mr. Farah,

You nailed that one: Rampant homosexuality is a sign of decaying times and broken thrones [“Is homosexuality a ‘super sin’?”].

As for Dr. James Dobson and the late Dr. Jerry Falwell: Both were demonstrating the gift of prophecy as they exposed the homosexual culture. I consider people like Jim Daly a deadly enemy – because he is the enemy within the gates, condemning millions to a lifetime of misery.

The president is a homosexual – no one who knows anything about his past can argue that – and the first lady is a beard. Homosexuals themselves know this – and they know that the abandonment he suffered from made him vulnerable to homosexuality. Unfortunately, they make copies – the Catholic Church has sexually broken young boys and made copies of themselves, as politicians have engineered policies that completely guaranteed the Abandoned Generation.

This Abandoned Generation has been left to the defilers of the culture; they’ve been raised by putrescent television and deviant actors. It is no wonder that Putin won’t let Russian children be adopted by Americans – or by homosexuals. I happen to agree with him on that.

The thing is, the Russians themselves did everything they could to subvert our values, and their agents still are. They launched the Moral First Strike. Our retaliatory strike is like a wet match. They’re closing down immoral influences as fast as anyone opens them. And who can blame them? We should not be sending warriors of amorality to enemy nations – we should be guarding our own hearts and minds.

The American Throne is broken; the Abandoner in Chief smiles as his work continues unabated, knowing that the clergy is cowardly and gutless.

While I prayed for him after the election, it is a prayer for spiritual intervention, of cleansing, of breaking and salvation. I’m not praying for him to make him a friend; I’m praying for him that he doesn’t continue to be an enemy of God.

James Dobson is a good man. So are you. Keep up the fight – we’re doing what we can in the trenches. If God judges our nation, it won’t be as a result of our surrender.

Who knows? He may yet turn away His wrath!

Jim McFarland

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