It is the shortest increment of time yet measured by science. It is fractions of a picosecond. It is but a drop in the bucket of a nanosecond. It is so brief it is very nearly imperceptible, but no less real. It is the libosecond, the period of time between any act of mass murder or terrorism and some progressive reporter blaming that murder on “the tea party” or “the right.” In the absence of any evidence whatsoever, during that period of speculation that saw multiple pieces of misinformation erroneously repeated in the media, Monday’s terrorist bombing of the Boston Marathon was immediately blamed on the group the Obama administration and its disciples see as the greatest threat to the United States of America: Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians.

This is not new. For years now, Barack Hussein Obama and entities answering to him have been desperate to reclassify all dissent as domestic terrorism. In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security tried to categorize conservatives as “right-wing extremists” (in a report from which the administration tried to distance itself). In 2012, it again hit the news that DHS’ Science and Technology’s Human Factors/Behavioral Sciences division was classifying those “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists. Then, just this month, it came out that DHS considers Christians to be “citizen terrorists.”

Obama and his acolytes have a long history of trying to marginalize and mischaracterize dissent. If you oppose Glorious Leader Obama’s policies, you are to be accused of spreading lies and misinformation. Mister Obama himself advised his mind-numbed, welfare-check-cashing minions to “get in your face” and shout you down. The Democrats, the liberals, the “progressives” have tried several times to create informers from among the ranks of your neighbors online, using social media to create an army of spies and bullies to scream at all who disobey.

First it was the [email protected] email, through which good little Obama drones could report their neighbors for thoughtcrime. Then it was “Attack Watch,” a Twitter account so swamped with ridicule by conservative participants in the microblogging site that Obama’s minions were forced to “protect” the account. More recently the Obamabots have tried to make a go of their “Truth Team,” which has met with similar heaps of scorn on the Internet. But their failures never stop the libs from trying. Every effort they make, particularly online, is an effort to reclassify, recategorize, recast and redefine Republicans, conservatives, libertarians and third-party voters as alien, as “extreme” and even as criminal – if not explicitly, then by default.

Domestic terrorists certainly do exist. The single best example of domestic terrorism is probably still the Oklahoma City bombing. But the threat from “right-wing” or “militia” and “patriot” groups has always been infinitesimal compared to the threat posed by Islam and by Muslim terror groups. According to the National Counterterrorism Center’s 2011 report, fully 70 percent of worldwide terrorism is committed by Muslim terror groups. This contrasts widely with repeated attempts to misidentify or mischaracterize Muslim terrorists as only a small percentage of terror operatives.

For example, last year a sociologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Charles Kurzman, asserted that the threat of homegrown Islamic terrorism was minuscule and often exaggerated. (This year he claimed it was even less real than last.) Kurtzman analyzed what he claims was Muslim-American terrorism in the 10 years following Sept. 11, 2001. He went on to claim that compared to the 14,000 murders in the U.S. in 2011, the 20 Muslims who were indicted for violent terrorist plots was a “tiny” number.

The problem with this type of specious analysis is that it compares indictments for terror plots – which one would hope would be a relatively small number, given that American has not experienced a major, successful terror attack after 2001 until the Boston Marathon – to murders. This is not comparing apples to oranges; this is comparing apples to giraffes. There is a world of difference between a murder and a terror plot.

The fact that, according to Kurtzman’s own numbers, 26 Muslims were indicted for terror plots in 2010 and 20 more were indicted in 2011 is a significant and troubling number. Given that these terrorists work in groups, that figure represents perhaps three to four Boston Marathon bombings per year at the very least. Does the fact that these plots were not successful mean the threats themselves did not exist? Clearly not. But the sound bite, the action line, the mythology, was established the moment Kurtzman issued his report. It is now taken on faith on the Web, and repeated ad nauseam, that Muslim terrorists represent only a small fraction of terrorists.

So what is the dutiful “low-information voter,” the good little Democrat marching in lockstep with the masses of useful idiots who return despots like Barack Obama to power, to do? Why, he can only conclude that those nefarious right-wing extremists must be to blame. When pressed for evidence of right-wing terror on American soil, he can cite Oklahoma City … and there his specific recollections end. But he is confident that The Big Evil Right must be to blame, because that slurring imbecile Chris Matthews and that lopsided grinning lesbian on MSNBC and that pompous hypocrite on Comedy Central told him so. The fact that “left-wing terrorists” like unrepentant bomber Bill Ayers are never floated as possible culprits by network news reporters simply shortens the leap necessary in jumping to conclusions.

The resulting trial by social media invariably lays the blame for any crime, from mass shootings to any act of terror, at the feet of a nebulous “right wing” presumed to be monolithic and criminal. This is as Obama and the libs want it to be. In the eyes of liberals, of Democrats, of progressives, you are guilty of a crime simply for disagreeing with the leftists. They will do whatever is required to blame you for all crime, whether committed by goggle-eyed, drug-addled lefties, hippie bomb-throwers, rare militia nut-jobs, or – yes – Muslim murderers.

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