Rush Limbaugh

“Isn’t it a little racist to assume that Obama would be good at basketball?”

That was Rush Limbaugh’s question to the mainstream media in particular and Democrats in general, after the president’s unimpressive “free throw” display on Easter Monday (FREE audio).

Limbaugh continued sarcastically, “I mean, where is this lofty expectation of Obama on the basketball court coming from? We have it at his word. He tells us that he’s good at basketball, and we already know from others who’ve worked with him that he thinks he’s an expert at everything.”

Now that April has arrived, Rush announced a contest to help “take away a little of your tax-season stress.” The winner of Two If By Tea Sweepstakes will receive $5,000 toward their mortgage or their credit-card bill, plus a round trip ticket for two to anywhere in the continental United States.

Michael Savage

“If I were a child today, I would be declared ADHD. I would have been put on those drugs,” Michael Savage said to his listeners, reflecting on the huge number of boys being medicated for “hyperactivity” and other questionable disorders.

“I would never have made a scooter out of scrap wood and junk I scrounged from around the neighborhood,” he continued. “Kids don’t build anything when they’re on these drugs. They become zombies” (FREE audio).

Dr. Savage also noted that England now has an anti-immigrant party that’s steadily gaining popularity (FREE audio).

“They’re on the rise because they’re part of a wave of anti-immigrant populism that wants an end to England’s open door policy,” Savage explained. “The English are no longer welcome in their own country. Freeloaders come in and literally take over. Meanwhile in America there doesn’t seem to be any party that represents the people.”

Mark Levin

“I am sick of the preening, elitist, country-club Republicans who don’t have a clue,” Mark Levin declared after former George W. Bush staffer Dana Perino criticized his recent guest Dr. Ben Carson for appearing on “too many conservative talk shows.”

“I don’t know what she has done for this country other than serve as a spokesman for a president,” declared Levin, “but I can tell you that many of you and I, we have been the precinct workers, we have been the litigators, we have been the activists long before people like her were on the public scene” (FREE audio).

Levin also fumed over the president’s remarks that he feels “restrained” by the Constitution.

Obama “doesn’t realize how stupid he sounds,” Levin cried out. “The Constitution is not on the ballot, ladies and gentlemen. … The Bill of Rights is not up for grabs” (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

Many in the media are content to ignore the murders in Benghazi, but not Aaron Klein. He reports his latest findings on what really happened and also investigates whether or not the White House is sending weapons to jihadists in Syria.

He also looks into the Department of Homeland Security’s drone program and evidence that Hillary Clinton perjured herself under oath (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Connecticut House Minority Leader Larry Cafero told Laura why he supports his state’s draconian gun-control legislation, calling it the lesser of two evils. The alternative, Cafero insists, would be to pass the Democrats’ proposed law, which would actually allow the authorities to confiscate legally purchased firearms.

The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson explained why he doesn’t support “amnesty” for illegal immigrants.

Besides instantly adding millions of new Democratic voters to the rolls, he noted, “We bring a ton of low-skilled workers with no education into the country who become mired in welfare programs, and taxpayers pay the tab for it in the end. It is subsidized labor. Taxpayers pay for it in Social Security, Medicaid and food stamps” (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Many New Yorkers were shocked to learn that Glenn Beck is receiving a prestigious award from the hip Tribeca Film Festival. The Charles Darwin Prize, sponsored by the magazine The Economist, recognize “disruptive innovation” in business, the media and other fields.

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