Last week, a survey conducted by Quinnipiac University underscored what many of us have sensed for decades: The Republican Party exists in name only. It’s nothing more than a social club. It has no purpose.

Its members comprise a hodge-podge of individuals with irreconcilable worldviews, and many, probably a majority, hold no strong beliefs at all. Worse, many of those who do hold strong beliefs lack the courage of their convictions.

Like the Dirty Dems, most Republicans view politics as a career – a profession where the name of the game is to accumulate as much wealth and power as possible. Ideology is nothing more than a lip-service nuisance to them.

It’s not surprising, then, that as the United States continues to move toward banana-republic status under its first Marxist president, Republicans have no clear favorite as their choice to go up against either Obama (should he get away with running for a third term) or Hilla the Hun, a woman who has zero accomplishments to her name but nevertheless sports a 60-plus percent approval rating.

In the Quinnipiac poll, Marco Rubio was the Republican leader with a paltry 19 percent. Nevertheless, the depressing fact is that he came in first, and I’ve studied enough Republicans over the years to be able to assure you that Rubio is a classic RINO in the making.

Second in the survey, with 17 percent, was Paul Ryan, Romney’s vice-presidential running mate in 2012. Even his buddy, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, observed that instead of Ryan’s pulling Romney to the right, Romney succeeded in pulling Ryan to the left.

Ryan is the kind of guy you’d like to be best buds with. But fiscal conservative? In today’s socialist America, being a fiscal conservative means accepting the socialist policies that are already in place as a baseline, with the goal of gradually chipping away at them in the coming decades.

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That’s why Ryan’s much ballyhooed slash-and-burn budget increases spending every year over the next decade, increases the deficit to $3 trillion within that time frame and raises taxes every year into the foreseeable future. And this is from a guy the Dirty Dems label as a heartless fiscal conservative.

Chris Christie, heartthrob of Romneycare cheerleader Ann Coulter, came in at 14 percent in the Quinnipiac survey. Can anything tell you more about how lost Republicans are than their ranking an Obama-praising liberal as one of their favorites?

Surprisingly, Jeb Bush garnered only 10 percent, but my guess is that if there is an election, the RINO apparatus will brutally destroy the competition (just as it did to Romney’s competitors in 2012) and pave the way for yet another “compassionate” Bush to “enlarge the Republican tent” and assure another GOP defeat.

Perhaps the most disturbing result of the poll was that Rand Paul received only 15 percent of the vote – which means that, at least right now, 85 percent of Republicans do not support the only guy in the field who stands for across-the-board liberty.

The sad thing is that the Dirty Dems are practically daring voters to throw them out of office. Only 38 percent of all registered voters polled have a favorable opinion of Democrats, while 44 percent have an unfavorable opinion. True, that’s better than Republicans, who register only 28 percent and 52 percent in these two categories, but, nevertheless, the Dems have opened the door wide for a serious pro-liberty contender to boot them out.

BHO received 10 million fewer votes in 2012 that he did in 2008, and 100,000 fewer votes in 2012 than Mush McCain did in 2008, yet still managed to win. How is this possible? Because a fed-up electorate voted “None of the above!” Nevertheless, few GOP hacks understood the message.

Now, statists Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum are threatening to lead the evangelicals out of the Republican Party, while establishment conservatives like Mush M. and Lindsey G. are standing firm on their beliefs that what is needed is a bigger tent, more voter bribes and more civility toward the enemy.

Which leaves the libertarians, whom Ronald Reagan pointed out are “the very heart and soul of conservatism.” But most Republicans hate libertarianism because it flies in the face of their aim – state tyranny. Of course, those on the far left are quite amused by all this and are rooting for the compassionate-conservative crowd to prevail once again.

They hate capitalism, because it’s a threat to their power monopoly. They reject the laws of economics, not because they believe such laws are not good for the masses, but because their goal is to collapse the economy and create havoc. They live for the next crisis and take seriously the philosophy that you should never allow a good crisis to go to waste.

So, how can Republicans – or any other party – ever hope to overcome the treachery of the far left? The answer, I believe, is to nominate a candidate who can deliver the exact opposite message as the Dirty Dems’ class-warfare message – and do so with conviction! Forget drivel like, “Let’s not completely repeal Obamacare. There are parts of it that are good.” Or, “I realize the president has good intentions.” “Blah, blah, blah.”

This is a big task even for a true and courageous libertarian-centered conservative. But at least such a candidate would bring out the none-of-the-above people. A Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, or Jeb Bush would not. Trust me on this.

What nonvoters like me are waiting for is a hard-core, bold, unapologetic, pro-liberty candidate to appear on the scene. And he doesn’t have to be a member of the Republican social club. Show me a candidate who is willing to use politically incorrect but accurate Levin-type words to describe the enemy – such as liar, idiot and criminal – and I’ll show you someone who might just kick his Democratic opponent’s butt – even one the size of Hilla the Hun’s.

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