Rush is spot on about Obama [“Rush: Obama doesn’t want to solve problems”]. He has no desire to correct the problems facing America. Obama helped create most of the problems facing our once blessed nation.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know why either. Obama is a Marxist. Marxists hate America. Their goal is not to help America become stronger. Their goal is to destroy us and any people they think are standing in the way of Obama’s complete takeover of this nation and turning it into a Marxist-controlled dictatorship.

Thus far, Obama and the Marxists he has surrounded himself with have been unusually successful at destroying all that this once great nation stood for. The sad thing is Obama and his goons will continue to be successful until those that are called by God’s name to repent of their rebellion against His precepts and turn back to obeying His will instead of their own! Only then will our sovereign and holy God step in and stop Obama and his Marxist goons in their tracks!

Larry F.

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