It’s odd. If your new car or appliance doesn’t work, you take it back. But a national policy that could literally kill us all is seized, clutched and clung to with fervent tenacity, even though we all know the policy is bankrupt and we’re begging disaster to come visit.

I’m referring not to the religion of Islam, only to those inside that religion who wish us harm.

It used to be understood that “The innocent must suffer with the wicked.” There were good Germans and Japanese in those cities we set aflame. Now it’s, “The wicked get a free pass for fear some among the good will get their feelings hurt if we act rationally toward those who seek to kill us.”

Haven’t we had just about enough now from the political correctness that leaves us as helpless as the sturdiest professional handcuffs? Obama didn’t invent political correctness, but he refined it to the point where Danish Lutherans are considered just as likely to attack us as Quran-thumping jihadists. Remember the phrase, “Agonizing Reappraisal”? Step 1 of this loud and public Agonizing Reappraisal is to admit what fools we’ve been – well intended, but ineffective, disastrous, suicidal. Every jot-and-tittle of political correctness as applied to Islam must be dumped into sulfuric acid and sprayed across Death Valley. Imagine pretending the threat is somewhere other than where the threat obviously is!

Do you remember why America rounded up and interned 110,000 Americans of Japanese descent right after Pearl Harbor? It was the Ni’ihau incident. Japanese pilot Shigenori Nishikaichi, after bombing Pearl Harbor, crash-landed his damaged plane on the tiny Hawaiian Island of Ni’ihau. Included among the island’s 125 inhabitants were one Japanese and two Hawaiians of Japanese descent. When the dazed pilot came to he told his three Japanese compatriots, “America is finished. Japan is the new power. You must join us.”

And “join us” they did, with gusto. The pilot and his three local allies took hostages and set up a little “regime,” interrupted by a loyal Hawaiian-American hero, Ben Kanahele; he and his wife killed Nishikaichi, ending the “takeover.” When word of the incident reached President Roosevelt the fear crystallized that any Japanese anywhere who had a chance to aid Japan would do so.

America has since apologized and paid reparations to the survivors among the interned Japanese. I bring it up to contrast America’s instinct for self-preservation then and now. That policy was based on one lone incident involving three Hawaiians of Japanese ancestry. Look how many incidents now bulge out of the Islamic scrapbook. We’ve got the shoe-bomber, underwear-bomber, Times Square-bomber, subway-bomber, Ft. Hood shooter, Boston Marathon-bombers and, of course, 9/11 – the dreary roll call continues. How were the American people induced to buy the fiction that militant Muslims present no more of a threat that anybody else?

The FBI and New York police are found keeping certain mosques under surveillance, monitoring the sermons, etc. And Americans are enraged at this invasion of privacy! Were they enraged when the FBI used to hang out in Little Italy in the day of the Mafia? Under today’s rules they’d probably be dispatched to the Norwegian Seamen’s Home in Brooklyn! Haven’t we proven since 9/11 how tolerant we are of those who want us dead? Haven’t we gone to war five times since 1991 to defend Muslims? Will America’s brotherhood awards be displayed at America’s funeral?

Rep. Peter King of New York is too valuable to waste in Congress. He’s heard the thundering silence of America’s Muslims since 9/11. Where is the audible apology, the confessions of shame at what their Muslim brothers did to America and vow to continue doing, the unsolicited proclamations of loyalty? Where are the “Allah Bless America!” exhortations? Somebody in Washington wants Peter King to shut up. He wanted hearings. They gave him one. He wanted more; nothing doing!

Nothing Congressman King nor those of us who admire him have in mind threatens one innocent Muslim. America’s pretty good at telling friend from foe regardless of nationality. During World War I, our greatest air ace was a German-American named Eddie Rickenbacker. Another German-American was pretty helpful to our side in World War II. The name was Eisenhower.

At the moment no innocent Muslim in America need be intimidated. The rest of us are terrified that one of our words might be interpreted as “hate speech.”

After 9/11 there was about a week when we felt free to say anything, until political correctness hardened our speech arteries again. Maybe Boston will grant us a free-speech license of longer duration.

I interviewed my Russian-born grandfather shortly before he died and played it on my radio show. Thousands of listeners wanted a copy, mostly to hear Grandpa’s rich Russian-Yiddish accent saying “God bless America. There’s no place else like America!”

I loved it when the uncle of the Boston bombers, Ruslan Tsarni, spoke about America with the same accent and emphasis as my grandfather.

There is no other country like America and very few even close. America is special; the intellectuals call it “American Exceptionalism.”

Don’t handle America with “correctness.”

Handle with care.

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