Most of the governing elites in D.C. lead traditional lives. They pursue marriage to the opposite sex, a two-parent household for their children and expect their marriage to last a lifetime. They recognize that the money and power they inherited from their family came from such a traditional (but today seemingly unimportant) lifestyle. In other words, they are big fans of “traditional values.”

Yet they govern in an entirely different manner. And during media interviews, they advocate for the most popular and yet socially destructive pathologies, insisting that everyone had a right to “do their own thing.” This garners them money and power from those groups and individuals pushing these pathologies for their own immediate gratification – gratification that is pursued amid the wreckage and ruin of millions upon millions of human lives by those who follow their trendy rhetoric.

When the elites attempt to fix the problems brought about by their hypocritical lives (advocating perversity in public but pursuing purity in private), we find ourselves as a nation adrift in a sea of single mothers on welfare, children who have no idea who their fathers are (bastards who look to gangs for that function) and a flood of welfare-dependent illegal immigrants eager to bring their family members to the promised land.

We find, by any results-orientated measure, one of the most failed and broken educational establishments in the world. Here the inmates run the institution in terms of discipline, and the teachers’ unions set the promotional, pay and benefit scales with the help of local and state wannabe D.C. elites, who lead the same hypocritical lives. Standards are lowered until none exist, in an attempt to “make the numbers look good.” (What a hell it must be for the few still trying.) All so the elites and elite wannabes can retain power and make life better for themselves.

The growing underclass (uneducated and unemployable) are allowed to prey on the elderly and helpless, buy and sell drugs, steal from stores and individuals, on condition that they don’t inconvenience the lives of the elites. An ever-expanding prison population keeps the violence at a socially acceptable level.

All of which brings us to guns. The elites employ guns, either themselves or in the person of bodyguards or police to protect their own persons and property. But – and no surprise here – they hypocritically seek to dissuade other far more vulnerable citizens from using guns to do the same – the very citizens living in the sea of failed social policies that have spawned the sick, sociopathic society we now inhabit. Look at the Chicago murder statistics if you disagree.

So the real problem with the elites is not stupidity (although inherited money isolates one from how the world really works). The real problem is their addiction to hypocrisy. And cowardliness. They know what works, they live their lives based on it, and yet they deny the solution to a broken nation.

Through their media mouthpieces, the elites blare support for all manner of perversities in the marketplace, provided a vote or campaign contribution can be had in return. They expressly ignore the predictable outcome of those perversities on the most vulnerable, only a few of which were mentioned earlier.

Gun control would make the elites’ lives so much easier. They could govern completely without the consent of the governed; not just to the limits of the media mafia’s bullhorn, as they do today. The day that happens, America can look forward to whatever few remaining parts of society that still function passably well being bulldozed to the ground in a new “stimulus” program.

Does anyone still believe that the nation is reclaimable from the treason of its own leaders?

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