One may have noticed that conservatives and libertarians alike are fuming this week over a video advertisement featuring Melissa Harris-Perry, a black professor of political science at Tulane University and weekend host at MSNBC. In this promotion, Harris-Perry declares that children do not “belong” to their parents, but to communities and are our collective responsibility.

This concept is unvarnished communism (hence the fuming), but apparently progressives have determined that having gotten away with the societal subversion they have managed to date, now is as good a time as any to advance this notion more aggressively. Cleaving children from their parents has been standard operating procedure in communist regimes for 100 years and has been part of American communists’ strategy for decades. This has also been well-documented.

In keeping with the incrementalism of the radical left, we were exposed to this concept fairly recently, in the book “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us,” which was published in 1996 and authored by then-first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton – who also wants to be president of the United States. This book, whose name was ripped off from an African proverb, also toyed with the collective responsibility of society for its children in no small way.

For my part, at least as alarming as the Harris-Perry promotion itself is the knowledge that altogether too few Americans even realize from whence this philosophy comes. In their ignorance (which has been encouraged), they do not know that this is Marxism, so they certainly do not see how they have been subtly but intentionally shepherded to this very point.

Starting in the last century, taxation began to siphon more and more capital from both businesses and families. Government overregulation hampered business to the degree that it became difficult to pay people what they’re worth, so two-parent earning families came into being. The glorious feminism-inspired entry of women into the workforce from the 1970s on has long since been proven to have been a matter of necessity, not a desire for equality.

At the same time, the inculcation of secular ideas and practices led to an increasing incidence of broken families, leaving single-earner homes with one parent who wound up working twice as much. These conditions conspired to produce directionless, dysfunctional children who now challenge these parents to get them to adulthood without becoming drug addicts, inmates, or parents themselves.

Thus, many American parents will likely look upon the opportunity to get “help” with children whom they can barely manage or afford as a godsend (though the reality will be quite the opposite). They may even jump for joy when the multi-billion dollar programs promising to aid parents and communities with their children are finally proposed – and believe me, they will be. Look for something along the lines of “The American Supplementary Education and Mentoring Act.”

Once upon a time in America, people with views such as Harris-Perry’s were loath to espouse them publicly for fear of getting their heads caved in. And so it should have been; those who advocate for the evils of communism have no more right to civilized discourse or consideration than those who advocate pedophilia (here, many a reader will note that these, too, are being eased into the fold of “normalcy” by the left at present – incrementally, of course).

All the while, those of us who do know from whence these ideas spring are left practically dumbfounded at the increasing brazenness and audacity of stealth communists operating in plain sight. It is as though they are wolves in wolves’ clothing, but the sheep have become too addled to notice what is ambling around amongst them.

This week, The Blaze reported the case of a Colorado undersheriff, Ron Trowbridge, who is alleging that the Department of Homeland Security trained police to look at evangelical Christians with undue scrutiny and suspicion. According to Trowbridge, on April 1 he attended a training, hosted by the Colorado State Patrol, that contained data from DHS sources. These listed Christians “who believe America was founded on godly principles, Christians who take the Bible literally, and ‘fundamentalists'” among subversive groups, right alongside outlaw biker gangs.

More incremental demonizing of Christians: On April 5, Fox News’ Todd Starnes reported that U.S. Army Reserve training materials now list “Evangelical Christianity” and “Catholicism” as examples of religious extremism along with al-Qaida and Hamas. Upon questioning, an Army spokesman claimed that the materials reflecting this were not condoned by the U.S. Army and represent an “isolated incident.”

Despite the mounting evidence for an emerging tyrannical regime, when someone such as myself cautions against it, whether addressing gun control or the aforementioned examples, I am accused of employing “fringe thinking” by those in the press – even by those once considered “reasonable” for liberals.

So it is indeed becoming more dangerous out there in the pasture – and not just for Christians.

Wolves, you know …

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