“Your priorities are so messed up, Ray, I think without religion, world peace could be possible; wouldn’t that be something?” Andrew M

They tried world peace without religion through atheistic communism. It resulted in the slaughter of an estimated 110,000,000 people. The North Korean regime is atheistic, and they are a continual threat to world peace, while religious extremists in the Middle East want to blow Israel off the map. The history of humanity is soaked in the blood of those who have been killed in the name of religion and in the name of atheism. So it’s clear that the problem is deeper than atheism or religion. The unexposed root of the problem is sinful human nature that branches out into religion and politics to carry out evil agendas. Human nature is so stubborn, proud and rebellious that we can hardly agree with each other about anything. I’m sure you would disagree with that.

“Why is your God not bound by the same commandments? He does a lot of killing in the Bible – do as I say, not as I do.” Reyd K

Here’s a borrowed and adapted analogy for those indignant, self-righteous and misguided folks who constantly accuse the God they don’t believe in of moral crimes: With due respect – before you try and pick the supposed subatomic particle out of the eye of a morally perfect God, take the combined logs from every forest on earth out of your own eye. Then (hopefully) you will see clearly, realize your own blatant hypocrisy and your own contemptible delusion of grandeur.

“Different churches hold different views, individual Christians can hold very diverse views too. And all claim that theirs is the right interpretation of the Word of God and everyone else is wrong. It’s the same with most other religions: Factions develop according to individual belief, and who is to say who is wrong and right?” Steve M

Each of us have our own perspective on politics, sports, music, foods, fashions and on religion. Who is to say which one of these things is right? We are individuals with differing opinions and thoughts about almost every issue. You are strong in yours, and you feel as you do because you belong to the atheist faction when it comes to the issue of God and His existence. You think that you are right, and that is your right as an individual.

But that fact doesn’t negate that you are a criminal in the eyes of a holy Creator, and you desperately need a Savior. I say “desperately” because the Bible says that your ignorance is willful. It is natural and normal for human beings to search for excuses to hold onto our sins, because we love them. But on Judgment Day no one will have any justification for being found guilty. You asked who is to say who is right and who is wrong. God gives the answer in the Bible, and as an atheist, as long as you deny both God and the Scriptures you will remain ignorant of the truth. I’m sure from your perspective, you will think that I’m wrong.

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