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You can choose: Freedom or tyranny

How do we fix our society? Clearly, the majority of people feel there’s a problem, but many are following the crowd down the road to perdition.

Growing up outside the church with two Hollywood and Broadway stars as parents, I sought the answers to the angst that besets the examined life in far left-wing activities, as well as in libertine pastimes.

Just before our Dartmouth graduation, a group of us pondered the fact that the drugs never delivered what Dr. Timothy Leary promised, universal consciousness. There were many memorable moments, but like the mirage in the parched Death Valley desert, all promised and failed to deliver – a symbol of the lies of the forces of darkness.

In the midst of all this, a wonderful older woman asked me to read the Bible and tell her what I found to be wrong with it. So, I started reading the New Testament. The Word of God eventually freed me from the angst, waking up the morning after asking Jesus into my life into a world that had wonderful meaning and delivered what other paths only promised.

Renewed, I got married and had four wonderful children. His hand was evident in everything good. Thanks be to God: I was chosen to be the director of the TV Center at City University of New York; then, chosen as president of the organization that produced “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” on CBS, which had 37 million viewers and won an Emmy Award; and then, our work with Christian Film & Television Commission® and MovieGuide to redeem the mass media of entertainment.

The most amazing of all blessings become crystal clear when I look back at the trajectory of the ministry. When we started MovieGuide® in 1985, the major studios in Hollywood released few movies with any positive Christian content – less than 1 percent! Years later, in 2012, 171, or at least 56.62 percent, of the movies released by the movie industry contained at least some positive Christian content! Also, when we started in 1985, only about 6 percent of the major movies were aimed at families; in the past several years, movies marketed to families have increased to nearly 40 percent of the top releases in your local movie theaters. Furthermore, when we started in 1985, about 80 percent of the top Hollywood movies were R-rated, but now, about 40 percent or less are R-rated! The former chairman of a major Hollywood studio told me these positive shifts are due directly to MovieGuide®’s influence as well as the Christian Film & Television Commission’s box office analysis and Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry.

God desires blessings for each person who comes to Him in the name of Jesus Christ. He says that He wants to adopt you, having had Jesus pay the price, so that you are an heir to His Kingdom, and to give you and each person who has real faith in Jesus “the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4).

There is an instructive vision of His picture of how life should be in Isaiah 65:17-27. Isaiah is the only Old Testament prophet who writes about the New Heaven and New Earth, 790 years before the Apostle John transcribed the Book of Revelation from Jesus Christ.

Isaiah says that, in God’s design, each person shall build a house and inhabit it himself, and plant a vineyard and eat the fruit grown. Our houses won’t be taken over by another through zoning, eminent domain, taxes, mortgages and fees. Nor will our gardens be consumed by theft by another person or even civil entity. Moreover, each person shall live a long life, enjoy the work of his hands, and have healthy and wise children blessed by God. Also, He will answer us before we call on Him.

In other words, God’s world that He made for you and me is a world of freedom where each person can live his own life to the fullest!

In contrast to God’s loving world of real freedom, all of man’s other systems, ideologies and religions promise a lot and deliver a mirage that masks a desert of tyranny, where you lose control over everything, including your children.

Therefore, each generation has the opportunity to choose freedom or tyranny. The contrast between them is stark. The consequences of freedom are blessings and prosperity, but the consequences of tyranny are slavery and destruction.

In 1 Samuel 8, the people ask for a king because the other nations have kings. Samuel feels personally insulted, but God says they haven’t rejected you, they’ve rejected me. To clarify the difference, God instructs Samuel about what the king will demand. He’ll force the boys to serve in his army, putting them on the frontlines to die. The king will turn the young ladies into menial slaves. Furthermore, the king will take the vineyards and even the homes to enhance his own lifestyle. Finally, the king will tax everyone. Ultimately, says God, the king will enslave the people, and their land will face destruction.

Every attempt to fix the system that rejects the Good News of His Blessings ends in failure no matter how well intentioned. To make a man a new Communist, Lenin came to the conclusion that you had to rid the world of anyone who did not fit his definition. By the time Lenin and Stalin were finished over 80 million people had been killed to create a society that contradicted the very nature of every human being. The same with Pol Pot and Mao.

Why? Because power corrupts. First, the leader wants to help people do something worthwhile, like losing weight; then, he outlaws foods; and, finally frustrated, he must rid the world of those who refuse.

Those who support the government making micro decisions have not had to face yet the fact that the bureaucrat has no expertise or ability to gain enough expertise to deal with the problem. Freedom from government interference allows the person closest to the situation to deal with it.

Therefore, it’s time for regime change, not only in Iran and North Korea, but also in the United States.

Regrettably, too many people get confused and even seduced by the mirage, and so they die in the dessert of statist folly that promises what it cannot deliver. Even those in the church have followed the siren song of worthless promises that sound good but are merely tinkling brass. They believe what they think they can see that is only a lie, rather than the truth that is faith in the secure guaranteed promises of their Creator and sustainer.

It is time to choose the Good News of the Blessings of the Creator who wants to adopt us through the price paid by Jesus Christ – who gives us Freedom!

If you want freedom from bondage and impoverishment, then call upon God, your Father, in His name, Jesus. He will save you and bless you. After all, He reigns with all authority.

So, choose this day – the Good News that brings freedom or the mirage that offers bondage.