Mr. Farah,

First off, thank you so much for the tireless effort you put into maintaining WND. I have come here for my primary source of news since I first discovered you in 2001 and have spoken of your site to numerous people ever since.

I was just reading the article about why DHS is buying up so much ammunition, and a thought occurred to me: Instead of complaining about how the government is buying an absurd amount of ammo for the purpose of preventing us from exercising our Second Amendment rights, why don’t we begin to pressure the larger ammunition manufacturers to refuse the excess government orders?

I’ve seen a few very positive articles on your site about gun manufacturers who refused to sell certain types of firearms to government entities that were not allowed to also be purchased by their citizens. It’s a fantastic idea, and I took notice of the companies who did so – and the big names who did not!

I would like to suggest you consider starting another campaign. This time, let’s target Winchester, PMC, etc. and pressure them only to fulfill order quantities for federal agencies in amounts equal to what was being purchased prior to Mr. Obama’s rise to power.

We wouldn’t be asking them to stop selling to the government, which I feel would be unreasonable anyway. We would simply ask that they refuse to fulfill the excess orders until they have satisfied consumer needs first. Then, any “excess” production would happily be sold to the federal agencies.

I would hold a company willing to do that in much higher esteem. That would indicate to me that said company understands the importance of our rights and its privilege to both participate and provide for the exercising of those rights. Companies who refuse to do so would lose my business.

Just an idea for what it’s worth. Keep up the good fight!

Mike Valet

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