There are 50 states but two nations – America and Amerika. The capital of Amerika is Washington, D.C., once swamp land, now a cesspool. It is presided over by a cunning, evil and vindictive man named Barack Hussein Obama, titular head of a cabal to overthrow the real America and institutionalize tyranny. Like a mob boss, Obama takes deep personal offense at valid criticism or legitimate challenge and will ignore law and the Constitution to silence his opponents, real or imagined.

In America, no person in government, including the president, is above the law. The press is the Fourth Estate, the people’s independent watchdog over government.

In Obama’s Amerika, the mainstream press ignored, concealed, belittled or airbrushed any factual information damaging to Obama and his cabal just to get Barack elected. Now, they too find themselves targets of a power-mad mob boss. Just ask the Associated Press.

In America, people are free to say what they think.

In Obama’s Amerika, political correctness, i.e., groupthink dictatorship by liberal elites, clamps restrictions on thought and speech of underlings. It was political correctness causing mainstream media’s blindness to Obama’s Muslim background, his sealed school and travel records, his lifted SSN, and his associations with communist sympathizers and radicals like convicted left-wing terrorist bomber Bill Ayers.

In America, there is respect for individual sovereignty and the Bill of Rights.

In Obama’s Amerika, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are silly putty. His government, as reported by whistleblowers, vacuums up and stores all digital communications of citizens, including every phone call, text message, email, Internet chat, Internet search, webpage visit, travel itinerary, bank and credit card transaction, etc., in vast electronic storage facilities like the new NSA Utah Data Center.

Amerika under Obama is on a mission to crush America, its greatest rival. However, the imperative of freedom, America’s raison d’être, dwells within the hearts and minds of millions of people throughout these 50 states. Would some of those states, fearing the talons of tyranny, separate from Amerika in order to survive as a free people?

Bob Gonzales

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