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'Anonymous' launches 'Operation Petroleum'

(Times of Israel) Hacker group Anonymous has been pretty tight-lipped about its political beliefs — with operations in the organization’s name conducted against Western democracies, authoritarian countries like China, and Muslim countries like Egypt, Syria, and Iran. And, of course, Israel.

But one thing has become clear in the lead-up to its next major hacking attack: Anonymous members are “gold bugs,” people who believe that the yellow metal is the proper method for the exchange of goods and services and advocate the use of precious metals as the proper currency for the sale and purchase of oil.

That’s the main reason the group will be conducting “Operation Petroleum,” according to numerous videos released on websites around the world. Scheduled for June 20, #OpPetrol will target at least a dozen countries, including the US, Britain, Canada, numerous European countries, Israel (again), and China — along with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar.