Do you remember how World War II started? Don’t tell me “Hitler invaded Poland.” You’ve got to do better than that.

The Nazis had “Special Forces” who spoke fluent Polish. They put on Polish army uniforms, sneaked into Poland, then sneaked back into Germany and blew up a German radio station near the Polish border. Hitler flipped into a hysterical tirade and promised revenge. With phony pretext safely in hand, Hitler then invaded Poland.

In June 1950 North Korean troops invaded South Korea. Wait a minute! Every Communist news medium from western Czechoslovakia to Mainland China reported the exact opposite. They reported the warmongering American puppets of South Korea had launched a surprise attack upon the peace-loving peasants of North Korea. How, then, did they explain that those peace-loving peasants of theirs almost immediately rolled their tanks into the capital of South Korea’s warmongering puppets, Seoul?

That’s easy if you own all the media. The Communist press simply added one line to the Big Lie: “The scene of action was soon transferred southward.”

Whatever happened to that wonderful organization, the Burlington Liars’ Club, of Burlington, Vt.? Every New Year’s they used to publish the biggest lies of the previous year, things like, “It was so cold on our camping trip in Canada that our words froze and we had to hold them over a candle and melt them to hear what we were saying.” Nazis and Communists do even better, and with a straight face.

When intellect and adventure combine: Barry Farber presents myriad stories of his unique life in his new book, “Cocktails with Molotov: An Odyssey of Unlikely Detour”

And now America has joined the club. Having cheered on the valiant resistance of WND, Fox News, the Weekly Standard and precious few others in the American media, you might sense a touch of exuberance slathered in amongst these words. Apparently the redwood tree of Obama-team liars tumbled to the Boy Scout knives of the truth-tellers on Friday, May 10, when it became apparent that the media – though it may be pro-Obama – is also very strongly pro-media. There was a line in Gore Vidal’s drama “The Best Man” in which the key player loudly lamented, “I don’t mind being a bastard, but why am I such an inept bastard?”

Warning to all future presidential spokespeople, like Jay Carney: The White House press corps will take your lies. They consider pro-Obama lies a worthy cause. But they won’t tolerate inept lies. They want you to save those for the 9-year-olds, and come out with your raised hands the appropriate shade of red when you’re caught telling a “Benghazi“!

Did you ever enter a college football stadium aglow with lust for vengeance because of what that enemy team did to your team last year, and then wind up hoping those inept enemies will score once or twice so they can at least walk to the showers and not be carried on a stretcher? That was my feeling watching Jay Carney last Friday. They tell us the game of life consists not necessarily in winning, but in playing a poor hand well. Jay was dealt the worst hand by his Obamistic bosses than anybody else since President Eisenhower was caught lying to Khrushchev about the American U-2 spy plane, not knowing that the Soviets had the pilot, Francis Gary Powers, alive and well as their prisoner.

Poor Jay reminded me of a good-ol’-boy down home who never told the truth. Once, said someone who knew him, he did tell the truth, but he thought he was lying!

Don’t forget: The initial talking points had far too much for Obama’s nervous system about “al-Qaida-connected …”; “jihadists …”; “Islamic extremists …” No, no! Don’t forget: The terrorists were all supposed to have been dumped by the Obama forces into the ashcan of history well before the oncoming election. The talking points offered forth by U. N. Ambassador Susan Rice on five separate TV shows the Sunday after Benghazi contained not a milli-squidgen of such inconvenient history.

Poor Jay! Is there an award somewhere for haplessness? Give it to Jay in private. He reminded me of that old Myron Cohen story: The traveling salesman gets home unexpectedly a day early, opens his bedroom closet door and sees a naked man in there. “What are you doing here?” thundered the salesman. “Everybody’s got to be someplace,” whimpered the nude.

I was for Nixon in 1968. I’m grateful to the left who elected him. The left was so angry at Democratic nominee Hubert Humphrey for going along silently with Lyndon Johnson on the Vietnam War they ruined Humphrey’s chances by repeating, “Where were you in ’64?” “Where were you in ’65?” “Where were you in ’66?” I have no such challenge for the White House press corps, suddenly livid and aroused against Obama and Carney.

I greet them with the words that might have eliminated the need for Watergate if uttered by the left in 1968, thereby electing Humphrey over Nixon.

I don’t put on a flint-faced frown and bludgeon the White House press corps with questions like, “Where were all you inquisitive guys before May 10?”

These two words will work better:

“Welcome, Brother!”


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