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Can death give us a glimpse into the afterlife?

Humans can’t help but be curious about what comes after this life – if, as some would say, anything comes after this life. There are all sorts of views.

Christians are not exempt from wondering about this eventuality. Yet “near-death” experiences are still controversial in conservative circles, as some allege all sorts of deception can creep in if undiscerning folks take too many of these stories at face value. They are right to be skeptical, even in the face of several bestseller books on the subject in the last few years.

This is what makes Terry James’ story all the more shocking.

One of the respected elders of the Bible prophecy community, James has sold a ton of books on the subject over the years, and his RaptureReady website, maintained along with his friend, Todd Strandberg, is the largest one of its kind in the world. That’s an arena James is familiar with, and people listen to him – a lot of people.

Naturally, then, he wondered what kind of reception he’d receive from not only that community, but also the wider culture, upon the release of his brand-new book, “Heaven Vision: Glimpses into Glory.”

James, who is blind, has a gifted mind, and he uses his abilities to process information to produce books with the help of long-time friend and editor, Angie Peters.

She had a most interesting comment in the preface to “Heaven Vision” when she recalled the immediate aftermath of James’ “widowmaker” heart attack two years ago: “So, once I was assured that Terry James, my close friend, mentor and writing partner for nearly 20 years, was out of the woods after his heart attack, I couldn’t wait to hear what, if anything, he had experienced while his heartbeat had been still and silent those three times. And he couldn’t wait to tell me. He confirmed from his hospital bed that Good Friday afternoon in the cardiovascular intensive care unit of the hospital in our small town that even though ‘things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man’ (1 Corinthians 2:9) is the operative truth, God does allow a number of His children a limited look at certain ‘things.'”

James’ claim that he got a glimpse of heaven, of what lies beyond for the believer, is buttressed by his reputation. He is so highly respected in his faith and work community that if “Terry said it, I believe it.”

The book is enhanced by James’ own prior research (quite ironically, his aged mother and an aunt had been urging him to write about this subject in the months leading up to his heart attack), and he includes documented cases of people who have been declared clinically dead, but who have been brought back to this life by skilled medical personnel.

All this makes for a most unusual and quite dramatic book, “Heaven Vision.” James’ focus for the book (and for his life and ministry) is hard to argue with, especially if one is a critic of such experiences.

As he states in the book: “As wonderful as I found the moments in which I was in that space between life and death, I can’t even begin to fathom the wonder of what it will be like to enter the Lord’s presence in heaven.”

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This is no Marianne Williamson groupie – no New Age weirdo talking about astral travel. This is a regular guy who experienced peace, love and confirmation. Of the several titles on store shelves that currently deal with this subject, “Heaven Vision” is truly one of the best.

Not only does James share the details of his dramatic (is there any other kind?) trip to the hospital, after collapsing in his home, but he also chronicles the experiences of others, whose amazing stories will grip the reader. Regular, believable people like Betty Malz and Boris Pilipshuk.

In “Heaven Vision,” you’ll be drawn into the thoughts and feelings of Terry James as he lay between dimensions. And you’ll also read about others who have glimpsed behind the curtain of life and death.

“Heaven Vision” is one heavenly account of the ultimate experience. Do not miss an opportunity to get it and read it!

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