Dear Mr Farah:

For some reason, the name of the great Irish journalist and political satirist Jonathan Swift flashed as I studied your modest proposal that Congress should subpoena NSA logs and collected surveillance related to IRS-gate, Bengazi-gate, and Reporter-gate – “Unraveling the scandals – fast.”

You wrote that the National Security Agency “monitors all communication – both domestically and internationally.” Yes, and they’ve apparently been doing this for years. One of the NSA whistleblowers, William Binney, has spilled the beans that the NSA has collected “20 trillion transactions” involving U.S. citizens. It stands to reason the NSA can shed a floodlight on the current triplet of Obamaesque scandals.

However, one problem is that Gen. Keith Alexander, director of NSA, reports directly to Barack Obama. There’s many a slip betwixt the cup and the lip. How do we know Team Obama doesn’t already have access to NSA data and isn’t working overtime to selectively redact as they did with regard to the infamous Benghazi-attack emails?

In addition, were the NSA compelled to release “all phone calls and emails, among other forms of communication including satellites” related to IRS-gate, Benghazi-gate and Reportergate – Americans, in maximum numbers, would learn that their friendly little federal government is secretly monitoring, recording and storing virtually everything Americans write, do and say in huge electronic databases. That news would be very bad for a tyrannical government whose continual abuse of authority depends upon the mass ignorance of over 200 million sheep.

The iconoclastic Dean Jonathan Swift would relish your proposal.

S. Kelly

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