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D'oh! 'Pirate' gals meet real Somali hostage

(London Guardian) Women’s Institute members wore joke eye patches, wigs and wooden legs to greet an old sea dog giving a talk on pirates.

They thought Colin Darch, 75, would regale them with tales of buccaneers such as Blackbeard and Captain Kidd.

But they got a sinking feeling when they realised the retired sea captain was there to tell of his 47-day ordeal at the hands of brutal Somali pirates.

Stephanie George, of the 21-member Parkham WI in Devon, said: “We didn’t know much about him but the notes said he was Captain Darch and he was talking about piracy.

“I thought he was from a local fundraising group who dress up as pirates to raise money for charity.

“Naturally everyone was aghast when we realised our mistake.