(INDEPENDENT) — It’s one faster, isn’t it? With most people still waiting to upgrade to a phone or contract package that will allow them to skim the internet using 4G, it is with a weary shrug to the inevitability of progress that we acknowledge the news from South Korea that 5G mobile internet is on its way.

Samsung, a company that seems to be getting larger and more powerful every time you turn your back – like one of the Boo ghosts in Super Mario – announced in a company blog on Monday that its boffins have successfully developed transceiver technology which will allow them to roll out a 5G cellular band in about seven years’ time.

And, rather than being a noticeable but not game-changing upgrade like the one from poor, tardy 3G to 4G, Samsung reckons this technology could provide data transmission at a whopping 100 times faster than the current 4G networks of 2012. Which seems almost unnecessarily speedy.

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