(DC Clothesline) George Soros? I haven’t written about him in awhile. When you understand a simple concept it makes understanding the world a whole lot easier. Money talks. That’s it. Even the “do gooders” at ProPublica.org require money and George Soros is always willing to write a check for a good progressive cause. This IRS scandal is bigger than anyone can imagine. It has Obama’s prints on it as well as those of George Soros. Whether or not they are guilty of giving any orders, you can not deny that they are both well connected to those who were doing the dirty work.

ProPublica dropped a bombshell on Monday evening. For those who have not heard, they admitted to receiving confidential documents, at their request, from the IRS.

On Nov. 15, 2012, ProPublica requested the applications of 67 nonprofits, all of which had spent money on the 2012 elections. (Because no social welfare groups with Tea Party in their names spent money on the election, ProPublica did not at that point request their applications. We had requested the Tea Party applications earlier, after the groups first complained about being singled out by the IRS. In response, the IRS said it could find no record of the tax-exempt status of those groups — typically how it responds to requests for unapproved applications.)

Just 13 days after ProPublica sent in its request, the IRS responded with the documents on 31 social welfare groups.

One of the applications the IRS released to ProPublica was from Crossroads GPS, the largest social-welfare nonprofit involved in the 2012 election. The group, started in part by GOP consultant Karl Rove, promised the IRS that any effort to influence elections would be “limited.” The group spent more than $70 million from anonymous donors in 2012.

So our good friends at ProPublica were receiving these documents from the IRS in the spirit of good investigative journalism. I left the paragraph about Rove and Crossroads to illustrate a point. The article I am taking these quotes from was not journalism. It was filled with left-wing opinion as well. That’s what blogs are for (like this one). We need to understand the organization that was in receipt of these documents to understand the full scope of the story. Does the end justify the means? Not when it is infringing on the liberties of others. We don’t work like that in America.

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