Talk show trailblazer Glenn Beck is backing the suggestion from WND CEO Joseph Farah that the details about the scandals plaguing the Obama administration right now – IRS targeting victims, telephone records, Benghazi and likely others – all are available, and should be made public.

Said Beck, “It’s time we turn the security state against itself. … What was the IRS doing? They were asking us for information. What was the DOJ doing? Tapping the phones.  What is being built in Utah? What is being built in Utah is the largest storage facility ever known to mankind. They are storing all of the information … They have already admitted during the Boston bombings they collect all emails.”

He continued, “Who is the security system for? Is it to protect the American people. Why is it [that with] the security apparatus, you can watch us 24 hours a day, you can listen to us 24 hours a day, you can read our emails, you can scan everything, you keep everything?

“What the hell are we doing? What’s wrong with us America? You paid for it. You own it. You’re the boss, or are they?”

Just 24 hours earlier, Farah, the editor and CEO of, wrote that it’s simple to get the details on the scandals. Just ask the NSA.

“Why do we have to wait for Obama to answer questions and produce documents?” he asked. “Doesn’t the Congress of the United States have subpoena power to get any information, cables, recordings of phone conversations, video recordings, etc., in conducting national security investigations.”

Farah continued, “And isn’t it true that the government keeps tabs on everything and everybody?”

That makes the solution so easy, he said.

“Isn’t that what the National Security Agency does? Don’t they know everything? Aren’t they listening in to everything we do and say? Don’t they keep tabs on emails even more efficiently than Google? So let me ask an obvious question: Why do congressional investigators have to ask Obama for anything? Why don’t they just get it from the source.”

Beck picked up the theme.

“Why not use their own system against them?” he asked.

“Why isn’t the security system turned around on them? Let’s monitor them in the White House 24 hours a day. Let’s make sure we know where they are, read their personal emails. Let’s monitor them in Congress. Let’s monitor the DHS 24 hours a day. Let’s make sure we know where they are. Let’s make sure we read their personal emails. … Just go into the system that we paid for and you built for our ‘protection.’ You want to find out? Why are you waiting? The more you wait, the more time they have to delete.”

There remain unanswered questions about the al-Qaida-linked terror attack on the U.S. operation in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead, including the whereabouts of Obama during the hours-long attack. Regarding the IRS, Congress now is investigating why the agency targeted and harassed conservative and Christian organizations. And the legacy media, almost without exception supportive of Obama, now are finding out that the administration seized their own phone records.

But, as Farah wrote, all of a sudden Obama claims the fault rests with the Justice Department, or “that nasty acting IRS commissioner,” or Hillary Clinton.

Obama, contended Farah, “will never admit that he set the tone for all the wrongdoing that has suddenly become apparent in his administration.”

A day later, the WND founder expanded on the idea.

“Government has all the answers to … questions – and I don’t just mean the White House and the State Department. We have an outfit in this country known as the National Security Agency. It monitors all phone calls and emails, among other forms of communication including satellites.”

To the point, he wrote, “Why is Congress bothering to ask questions of politicians who are in full cover-up mode? Why do they continue to play the game of he said/she said? Why not just subpoena the information investigators need from the NSA and CIA? Everything Congress needs to know can be found there.”

He suggested, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, for once, that machine were used to prosecute criminals within government rather than simply being the biggest repository of Big Brother files on the American people ever conceived?”

Beck reported, “So what should people do if the IRS is dodging the accountability the American people demand? Well, the American people should demand that Congress do to the IRS what the IRS has done to the American people: monitor them, investigate them, and punish them financially if they don’t comply.”

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