Charley Reese, during the mid-1990s ,wrote a column entitled, “The 545 People Responsible For All of America’s Woes.” If ever a short newspaper column has stood the test of time, that was it!

The major problems America has faced for decades were solvable. Back then. Today? Perhaps you are more optimistic than I am. There is such a thing as compound interest. It applies to problems, too, but in a bad way. The longer they sit and fester, the bigger, more entrenched and more difficult and costly they become to solve.

Columnists on both sides of today’s politics lament how mean and partisan politics have become, but they can’t seem to make the connection that would give them the answer.

Part of that, certainly, is because so many big name reporters are sleeping with the enemy. Often, that is a husband or wife who works in government in D.C. “Oh, gee, what did you do today, sweetheart?”

“Oh, I attended a meeting where Obama’s political hacks explained how we will use the media to run flack for getting the IRS to target Obama’s political enemies.”

“Oh, that’s nice, dear. You want to watch a movie?”


The problem and the solution are different sides of the same coin. But it’s that coin that is the problem. As government has expanded its reach into every endeavor of human (and often non-human) life, it has forced growing numbers of people into the D.C. cockfight where the money and favors change hands. The “solution,” of course, is always “more government regulation.” It doesn’t even matter what the problem is. The answer is always the same.

Here is why government’s “answer” is the problem. As more and more people are forced into the D.C. cockfight, government simply gets bigger and bigger and bigger. No matter what. And that suits the 545 people who run the government just fine! People happy with the new regulations send thank-you notes on hundred-dollar bills. People harmed by the new laws plead for help. “Ah, another opportunity to be of service!”

Those who express irritation with the endless growth of government are marked for special attention. More government “servants” are hired to keep an eye on them. Or just interview, intimidate, entrap, incarcerate or kill them. The government doesn’t care which. Government’s only interest is protecting itself. It’s biggest threat is always those who expose it.

All those dependent on government for their “livelihood” cheer! After all, government is what keeps us “safe” and provides our daily bread. So anyone who opposes more government must be a terrorist sympathizer, or worse, a homegrown terrorist. Quick! Text it around on your Obamaphone.

The problem, of course, isn’t which side of the coin you look at. The problem is the coin, period.

Government is not a charitable enterprise. Oh, they make those noises, but it’s a big, sloppy, transfat, super-sized lie. If government were a charitable enterprise, it’s practitioners would be working for free. Today, even AmeriCorps “volunteers” are paid. Talk about bastardizing the language! The only people expected to work for free are those paying to support this obscenity while being hounded by the IRS.

But maybe you know better. Perhaps you have a list of the days that Lois Lerner showed up at the IRS on her days off to provide added scrutiny to Obama’s army of Soros-funded leftist changelings.

Of course, I could be all wrong. Perhaps that is what accounts for Lois’ boss’ 175 White House visits leading up to the election. Wouldn’t want Obamie supporters to be tampering with an election, you know!

So here is the point, folks. The problem isn’t which side of the coin you look at; the problem is the coin itself. There are too many nice little piggies feeding at the public trough. It doesn’t matter whether they are sucking up benefits or a federal paycheck. They are still eating up our substance and fouling our nation with their output.

Less coins equals less piggies at the trough. Less piggies equals less taxes and more freedom for the productive. Here, or somewhere else.

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