(The Guardian) — After the Sandy Hook massacre when 20 school children were gunned down in their classrooms along with several of their teachers, many of us thought the country would finally wake up to the insanity of allowing civilians to arm themselves with weapons designed to inflict mass carnage. Instead, what we have seen is tragedy descend into farce as all efforts to pass sensible gun reform measures have collapsed and gun makers, their lobbyists and now security companies are lining up to exploit the deaths of these children for profit.

The cunning geniuses in the NRA are on track to make millions of dollars in the wake of the massacre by developing a whole new revenue stream with their plan to have armed guards in every American school. Not to be left out, security companies are also getting in on the action by launching new ranges of bulletproof clothing and accessories designed exclusively for school children. It might seem counterintuitive for a society to respond to the threat of gun violence by enriching the manufacturers of guns and their allies in the security business, but apparently, this has become the price of our freedom, or at least the price of the freedom to own guns.

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