In the next presidential election, or any other for that matter, the key to beating the Democrats is to prove that they so often do not tell the truth.

At the beginning of the campaign, make this bold statement: “There are politicians who will lie to get elected, but I promise I will not lie to the American people since there is no way they can make an intelligent vote unless they know the truth.” Then keep that promise. When the opposition charges you with lying during the campaign, and they will, keep track of those charges, and keep track of lies of the opposition. Make a big deal of telling the truth all during the campaign. The Democrats and their media will accuse you of lying and try to dig up any dirt they can to prove that you are not telling the truth.

For a presidential campaign, when it nears its end, such as when on stage for a national televised debate, bring up the times the Democrats have charged you with lying, and say that you are very offended since you promised the people that you would always tell the truth. Give examples of those charges and say you want to prove that those charges are false.

Tell the opposing candidate and the nation on public TV that you are willing to take a lie detector test using the best CIA and FBI testers. Say, “You can put me under oath. We will set up a booth for the test, and you can ask me “any question on any subject.” (You may list some subjects that are not to be included if you like.)

There will be green, yellow and red lights on top of the booth that will reflect the degree of truthfulness of my answers. When I am telling the truth, the green light will turn on. If my answer is questionable, the yellow light will turn on. When a blatant lie is detected, the red light will flash and a horn will sound.

“I am willing to take this lie detector test on such-and-such a date in front of the whole nation. I am willing to answer any question you want to ask if you are willing to do the same.” I would guess that the Democrat would refuse to take such a test on grounds that it is degrading. If so, then list the specific lies they have told the people and ask the people on TV whether they want this candidate to be put under oath and take the same lie detector test.

I can see no way to stop the liberal left without proving that they do not tell the truth. Any statement – even if it is true – if it is intended to deceive the listener, is still a lie. The left is great at deception, and they need to have the light of truth focused on them.

Kerns Kenton

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