Insanity: “Grave disorder of mind that impairs one’s capacity to function safely or normally in society. Antonym: Sanity. Sense or Wisdom.”

Instinctual: “Prompted by natural instinct or propensity. Antonym: Reasoned.”

The area we call home has a lot of both domestic animals and wildlife. As I grow older, more of my time is spent observing these animals, whether cattle in the fields or a fawn in our front yard. Wild or domestic, God seems to have given all these creatures the knowledge they need to be successful in their world, including raising their young.

My friends and neighbors, and sometimes myself, not so much. We seem to be influenced by an endless series of fads. These typically originate in universities or think tanks, and are later spread via infomercials or webinars. With the demise of science, due to its inbreeding with politics, these theories have become ever-more distanced from anything that works in the real world.

The real world is filled with physical laws, which can’t be broken if one wishes to avoid oblivion. It is also increasingly filled with man’s laws, which, unfortunately, must at times be broken to avoid transgressing a physical law and entering instant oblivion.

For instance, two vehicles that attempt to occupy the same space at the same time are going to have a collision. Man’s law says you must remain in your own lane. If I can safely swerve out of my own lane to avoid a collision, I will take my chances with the eventual enforcement of man’s law.

Why would I do that? Because I know that the enforcement of nature’s laws is 1) absolutely certain and 2) unfailingly harsh. It speaks poorly of our age and culture that such a choice must increasingly be made by individuals who wish to survive a collision with nature’s physical laws.

Those cows in the field across the way may not “know” that their jaunt with the handsome bull on the other side of the fence will result in a calf being born in due course. But once the calf comes, mom knows what it takes to protect and nurture that calf until it is big and strong enough to be on its own. And when the time comes, that calf will know the same things. God gave them the knowledge they need to be successful in the physical world they inhabit. You don’t see cows intentionally killing their newborns.

Our opening quote described insanity from a 1990-era word processor thesaurus. The key is “impaired capacity to function safely.” Public health departments once had an obligation to track down the sexual partners of people they treated for sexually transmitted diseases. Duh. Those people needed to be treated, too, so the disease wouldn’t spread across the population.

Then along came AIDS. Once it was learned this disease affected primarily homosexual men, health department behavior changed. Man, in the form of his lawmaking bodies, passed laws making it illegal to track down partners for treatment. The men and women who passed these laws obviously believed that man’s law could trump “the laws of nature and nature’s God.”

As the AIDS epidemic spread, the cost of treating AIDS patients fell disproportionately on taxpayers through Medicaid (welfare) treatments. According to the CDC, the lifetime cost of treating an AIDS patient in 2010 dollars was $379,668. According to Avert, in America 1.2 million people have been diagnosed with AIDS. So the cost of treating just these patients during their disease (in 2010 dollars) is $455,625,600,000. But that number is growing at about 50,000 new cases per year, or $18,984,400,000 (in 2010 dollars). And these stats are just America, not the world.

Pursuing this no-tracking policy was insanity. The cost crippled America’s health-care system. Is Obamacare merely a belated recognition of such – and an attempt to hide their blunder – by man’s lawmakers?

These same people, having given us “no fault divorce,” now tell us that marriage must be redefined to whatever the fad of the moment might be. The natural laws of raising children say otherwise.

In the face of global cooling, man’s lawmakers insist that we need a carbon tax to reverse global warming. In response to the actions of willful criminals and the individually insane, lawmakers tell us we need to give up private ownership of firearms. Even the American Navy has gone on record as saying that global warming is the biggest threat they now face.

These (and many others) are the voices of instinctual insanity. In every case their advice will result in violation of physical laws, which will inflict either immediate or long-term, irreversible damage, or complete destruction to society and humanity. No culture in which this disease has spread to its elites has ever survived.

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