Rush Limbaugh

This week, Rush Limbaugh turned a favorite liberal argument about sex education on its head (FREE audio).

“Let’s use the same parallels that the left tells us about sex education and transfer it to guns,” Rush suggested. “‘Kids are gonna do it anyway, OK? They’re gonna have guns anyway. We can’t stop them! Kids are gonna have sex anyway; we can’t stop ’em. So we need to make it safe. … Why not teach them to use guns safely?”

Is national television really ready for Rush – even if only for a half-hour at a time? Limbaugh mused about the possibility on his show (FREE audio).

“Folks, I’ve toyed with the idea of going to the networks and saying, ‘I want to buy 30 minutes,'” Rush told his listeners. “I actually have. I’ve not pulled the trigger on it, but I actually have, as a means of trying to reach people who don’t listen to radio or who do but don’t because of their preconceived, incorrectly formed, bigoted reasons.”

Michael Savage

For months, Savage has informed his listeners that the “official” number of illegal aliens supposedly in the country – 11 million — was too low to be believable. Suddenly, the rest of the media are admitting this.

“Now all of a sudden there’s a report up on the Drudge Report,” he noted. “‘The real number of illegals is 35 million.’ I don’t get credit for that, but that doesn’t matter. I’m the one who generates the most original ideas.”

If anyone has ever wondered why “Reverend” Al Sharpton, of all people, has his very own TV show, Savage has the explanation.

“The truth is, he’s on the air making millions of dollars a year because it’s cheaper,” Dr. Savage declared. “Think about it: Isn’t it cheaper to put a street agitator in the studio, give him a microphone and a camera to yell into? Otherwise, Sharpton might very well be picketing outside the studio with his rent-a-mob, about how MSNBC’s parent company GE doesn’t pay taxes on the $5 billion it makes every year!”

Mark Levin

This week, NBA center Jason Collins made headlines for being the first openly gay player in professional team sports. The president himself phoned Collins to congratulate him on his “courage.”

The non-story drove many more pressing ones off the front pages, leading Levin to complain (FREE audio), “We’ve now heard more from Obama on Jason Collins that we’ve heard from Obama about Benghazi.”

Reflecting on the so-called “crisis” afflicting conservative talk radio, Levin stated (FREE audio): “The greatest threat that’s facing conservative talk radio today is from within the Republican Party, it’s from within certain corporations, and it is not from Obama and the liberal Democrats.”

He singled out “losers who couldn’t make it in terrestrial radio” such as Joe Scarborough in particular, for leading the charge against successful (and therefore “dangerous”) conservative talk radio.

Aaron Klein

Aaron Klein lost his cool on the air when confronted with the latest example of media ignorance. He unveiled exclusive information that links the Boston Marathon terror attack to Benghazi, Iran and Syria. Klein also raised red flags about the suspicious travel records of the judge who read the Boston bomber his Miranda rights.

Finally, listeners enjoyed some comic relief as Jackie Mason riffed on the Bush library, Hillary Clinton and Obama’s so-called “red line” regarding chemical weapons in Syria (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Attorney Vicki Teonsing will represent one of the Benghazi massacre witnesses at the upcoming hearings. The deputy assistant attorney general under President Reagan, Teonsing told Ingraham that the administration’s treatment of the so-called Benghazi whistleblowers has been disgraceful (FREE audio).

“Whistleblowers are supposed to have legal protection,” she noted. “But when the State Department is intervening and not allowing this … they are obstructing the witness.”

Ingraham joked that any embarrassing revelations about the incident “wouldn’t look good in [Obama’s] presidential library, which I’m sure he’s already planning.”

Ingraham’s other guests include the director of the new movie “Heaven is for Real,” and Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, who raised questions about the Department of Homeland Security’s large ammunition purchases.

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is back on cable television, at least in the New York City area. This week he signed a deal which would see his TheBlaze TV channel carried by Cablevision’s Optimum TV. This will add a potential three million additional viewers to Beck’s Internet-based television offering.

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