Some may feel it’s been a good year for homosexuals, lesbians, transgenders and whatever other forms of the sexually depraved come lumped under the aforementioned. After all, they’re now openly active in the military; courts with homosexual judges have overturned legally instituted referendums banning same-sex marriage; an untalented basketball player has proclaimed his homosexuality; and now factions within the Boy Scouts have been successful in allowing openly homosexual boys into the organization.

But I see it differently. I think the subversion of institutions, including churches, by those hell-bent on turning America into the land of Sodom can be and should be used as a cause celebre for those who oppose the redefining of family and marriage to withdraw and form their own organizations.

Obviously, we cannot form another military, but we don’t have to volunteer, nor do we have to re-up when our tours of service are over. I believe the military would get the message very quickly that our Armed Forces are not intended to become a homosexual Club Med if they were to find that enlistment and re-enlistment numbers were sharply declining in protest of allowing and encouraging openly perverse behavior.

I receive many dozens of letters and comments from people daily telling me how much they admire my courage and bravery in speaking out about the issues I do. Without exception, I respond the same to everyone who writes that to me – I say that I’m neither courageous nor brave – “I’m willing.”

And that is precisely what all people who stand for sanity and appropriate behavior must be – we must be willing. Nothing will change if all we do is complain and wring our hands but continue to support (and participate in) those groups and organizations.

When the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team began having special nights glorifying homosexuality, my son and I stopped going. To be fair, we weren’t Phillies fans; we like baseball and frequently attended their games for that reason. But there was no way under the sun I was going to spend my money in support of a team that openly supported that which I opposed based on my theological and personal values.

I’m a die-hard New York Yankees fan, but my support of them would end in a heartbeat if they openly sponsored that which I am opposed to and offended by. Specific to same, I’m not saying homosexuals should be discouraged from attending sporting events, but I am saying there shouldn’t be fan nights that celebrate debauchery.

Homosexual activists are proclaiming the Boy Scouts craven capitulation to allow openly homosexual boys to become Scouts as the latest step in their ultimate goal – for all restrictions banning any type of sexual perversion to be removed.

I feel the same way about homosexuals crowing that they are one step closer to achieving their ultimate goal with the Boy Scouts as I do about children being oriented into homosexuality under the guise of homosexual sensitivity in public schools. I refused to send our child to public schools. He was educated in private Christian schools. He not only received a better education, but his teachers reinforced the values we taught at home.

The same thing applies to the Boy Scouts. Let the homosexuals have the Boy Scouts. Parents who want a Boy Scouts-type organization should be willing to start their own nonprofit, private organizations to guide boys. They should set strict rules of what is acceptable.

By starting a new private organization, they can end the lawsuits and pestilence-type annoyance by homosexual activists. They want the Boy Scouts? Let them have one another – we don’t have to play.

Why should we be spending money fighting lawsuits and/or endangering our children by knowingly giving predators and the deluded access to our boys? Sensitivity is about not picking on someone who is different. Sensitivity is not synonymous with having our children brainwashed into accepting that which is aberrant as normal.

The Boy Scouts have struck a deal with the devil, and I hope they brought a long spoon as they dine with him. The Scriptures say, “Wherefore, come out from among them, and be ye separate, sayeth the Lord” (2 Corinthians 6:17). I believe we should follow God’s words not the corrupt dictates of the perverse. Why should we be expected to disobey our God to accommodate that which He condemns?

Let me also point out there is a reason boys and girls are separated in organizations such as this. Amongst other reasons, it has to do with hormones. Are we now supposed to believe that some of our boys will not be coerced into homosexual behavior?

It’s not personal – it’s a choice, and I choose not to participate in and/or support the activities of the perverse. It doesn’t matter who disagrees.

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