(London Telegraph) Every Friday at sundown, Orthodox Jewish women can not apply make-up for 24 hours to comply with Sabbath laws, which state ‘creative work’ is forbidden.

As a result, those who refuse to go ‘au naturel’ have come up with nifty tricks to keep their cosmetics in place, from penciling eyes with a permanent Sharpie pen, to ‘fixing’ foundation with hairspray.

Revealing other tried-and-tested methods, Sharon Langert, 44, from Lakewood, New Jersey, told the New York Post: ‘I know some women who sip their soup with a straw, so it won’t ruin their makeup . . . [others] tell their husbands not to touch them.’

The mother-of-five who runs Fashion-isha, a style website for modest Jewish woman, said that over the years she has come to terms with the fact that on Saturday, she ‘won’t look the same as during the week.’

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