(NYDAILYNEWS) — Hurricane Sandy destroyed his home, his van and his business.

But Aiman Youssef, 43, was so thankful that he was able to save his mother, his nephew and his dog from the storm that mangled Midland Beach, Staten Island, he promised Jesus he would dedicate one full year to nothing else but helping others.

He has kept his word for six months, and he plans to keep going another six until the storm’s anniversary on Oct. 29 — which is more than we can say about most of our elected leaders.

“Since Sandy I have put up this food tent called Midland Ave. Neighborhood Relief on the spot where my house stood here at 481 Midland Ave.,” says Youssef, a Syrian Christian. “We’re on Facebook and we receive food donations from charities all over the city and we serve about 700 meals per day to other people displaced by Sandy.”

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