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Marathon bomber murdered 3 in 2011 drug rip-off

(Business Insider) On Sept. 11, 2011, three men were found in a Boston-area apartment with their throats slit and their bodies covered in marijuana.

Tamerlan described one of the murder victims, 25-year-old Brendan Mess, as his best friend. He and Mess were once roommates and boxed together.

The two others who died were 31-year-old Erik Weissman and 37-year-old Raphael Teken, both of Cambridge.

Since the bombings, people have been speculating that Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev — the two brothers suspected of the Boston marathon bombing attack that killed three people and injured about 260 others — were tied to the killings.

In light of latest attack in London, the Boston marathon bombing, etc., do you think the West can co-exist with Islam?

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