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Media ignores doc who killed babies with bare hands

(Life News) The name Kermit Gosnell has become familiar to most Americans because of the gruesome abortions and infanticides that resulted a jury finding him guilty on three counts of first-degree murder. The mainstream media either ignored Gosnell’s murder trial or barely reported on it.

This week, LifeNews exposed a second Kermit Gosnell — Douglas Karpen — who, like the Philadelphia-based abortion practitioner, is also killing babies born alive after botched abortions. Unlike Gosnell, who killed babies by jamming medical scissors into their necks at his Houston abortion clinic, former employees of Karpen testify he goes one shocking step further, he kills the babies wit his bare hands by twisting their necks execution style.

Thus, far, the mainstream media hasn’t touched the Karpen expose’ outside of Texas-based news outlets, according to Google and Yahoo News searches.