Dear Mr. Kupelian,

WND’s Whistleblower is now the only paid magazine subscription that comes into our house. Why? Because your magazine is probably the only one published in this country that exhibits with every issue the editorial fortitude that make the magazine worth reading. All other publications we’ve gotten over the years are journalistic fluff by comparison. This country no longer needs fluff, it needs honesty.

The May issue focusing on the abortion issue, while extremely difficult to read through our tears, is quite possibly the most important issue you have ever published. We pray that tens of millions of U.S. citizens will somehow find a copy … and then find the will to read it and react to it.

When our clueless president voices his undying support for Planned Parenthood and says his faith was what urged him to support gay marriage, we can only turn to our Creator in prayer for the survival of this country. Frankly, however, we’re no longer sure of the wisdom in that, because we as a country obviously no longer trust in God as we once did.

John Busser

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