HOUSTON – Police certainly respond when help is needed, and they come as soon as they can.

But …

That last part is the catch, according to talk show host Glenn Beck, who spoke at the NRA convention and annual meeting in Texas over the weekend.

“I will no longer accept the media falsehood nor reinforce it by calling our brave men and women in blue on our cities and streets first responders. It’s time for America to recognize WE are the first responders,” he said.

“They are the second responders, we are the first responders.”

He said that doesn’t just mean helping out when there’s a criminal to stop.

“When there is trouble, let us be the first on the scene to help. Let us be the first responder when someone is sick or hungry or frightened. Let us be the first to share our bread with the hungry; let us be the first to open our hearts to the homeless poor; let us be the first to remove the yoke of injustice,” he said.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told the NRA convention earlier, “It seems to me that when the Constitution says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, that means the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

NRA President James Porter, meanwhile, wanted members to understand there’s something much bigger going on than meets the eye.

“This is not a battle about gun rights,” he said. “It’s a culture war.”

Beck agreed. While Cruz focused on the importance of following “all of the Constitution” and not a “pick and choose” approach to government, and Porter stressed that the discussion over the Second Amendment was actually part of a “culture war,” Beck zeroed in on what he believes is the fundamental issue facing America and the reason for the national divide on gun rights.

“I not only will take responsibility but will cry out for my God given right to own, not only my choices, but my consequences,” Beck said. “This is our biggest difference. Not rights, but responsibilities.”

Beck stated that gun violence is about personal responsibility and human nature – not guns.

“It is not the gun, the knife or, as Cain discovered with Abel, a rock. But the cold heart filled with error and darkness and coldness. That what the problem is,” Beck said.

He warned that the loss of gun rights would be terminal.

“If you lose the Second Amendment, you lose the 1st, the 4th , the 5th, the 10th, the 14th, the 19th; then all you’ll be left with is the 16th Amendment, the income tax one. And maybe if you’re lucky, you might still have that one about quartering soldiers.”

It was perhaps fitting that on the last day of the NRA meetings, Texas legislators passed sweeping reforms of gun laws, which are already consider to be some of the most lenient in the United States.

The Texas House passed legislation permitting university students to carry handguns in the classroom, placing armed marshals in public schools and exempting the state from any future federal restrictions on assault rifles, high-capacity magazines or universal background checks.

Citizens with “right to carry” licenses will now be permitted to carry on university campuses, which Republican lawmakers say will serve as a deterrent to violence at institutions of higher learning, if it passes the Senate.

Texas state Rep. Steve Toth said, “Some have said that the recent group of Second Amendment bills makes Texas a haven of gun owners. They’re wrong, it makes Texas a haven for liberty. Legislation will never eradicate evil from the heart of a criminal it will only make good people less safe.”

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