[To Pat Buchanan:] Are you thick? Or am I? [“The Spectator President”] Obama used to bring the words amoral,Marxist and socialist to mind. Now it’s tyrant and Islamist. Never spectator! He very plainly, in public speeches, policy, rules,and regulations, demonizes anyone who disagrees with him. That very much includes conservatives, Christians and small business. Expect his thousands of Obama-hires in government to be biased. We are “our enemies” from the horse’s mouth. Expect his Cabinet, policymakers, his many appointees and their administrative hires to have his same respect for our Constitution.

Enter the AP. Apparently now, all of America can be Obama’s enemy. The AP found out that, despite carrying his water, in the end they are just infidels to be used. That makes sense with his socialist Muslim roots. We now have a Muslim CIA director and Muslim-leaning secretary of defense. He ridicules Christians and gives our money to the Muslim Brotherhood. Common Core is trying to teach that “God is Allah.” He is building up the Muslim presence and influence here, and Shariah is making inroads.

Were I a conspiracy theorist, I would guess that he is a closet jihadist. His policies are demoralizing and robbing earned wealth from us. The jihadist goal is to subvert and overcome in the name of Allah. I would say he is on track. I would venture that Keystone is not about “the environment.” Without Keystone, oil money continues to flow to Muslims

Looking at America after five years of Obama shows that the lowering of morale, opportunity and wealth are very real. The Boston bombing was inconvenient for him. I can imagine him dispatching the young royal home the next day with the message to lay off. His plans are working, America is succumbing to his plans, and he doesn’t need the heat.

Weeks later, with scandals encroaching, that has changed. Now he needs another terrorist attack to be outraged over and to divert attention from his nasty, tyrannical side. Expect one soon!

Scott Boyd

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