Is the intent of those who are pushing this action against the Christian military personnel – to take away the First Amendment rights of our troops who are also Americans and have the same rights under the Constitution as the rest of us? What about the other religions? When will the shoe drop for them? [“Atheist accuses Christians of treason over beliefs”]

Obama and his socialist cronies want to destroy the rights of all the people, starting with Christians. But it won’t stop there. This man, whom I do not recognize as my president, wants to tear down the fabric of our nation and usurp the laws of this nation.

I would venture that at least 65 percent of the military are Christian or Catholics. Is he going to have that many of the military jailed or court-martialed for having a given religious belief? Maybe that is his way of reducing the strength of our Armed Forces so that the Homeland Security forces can out number them in the event they go after us for getting the weapons they want taken from us.

Let us not be deceived by the sidestepping of the Constitution. Does he believe that he has that kind of power? Are we possibly looking at another “civil war” so he can prove his dictatorship can hold up?

Obama is a traitor to this nation with the backing of people like the moneymakers, the likes of George Soros, the Rockefellers and others who want full control of the people in this nation. They want a situation that can put them in the driver’s seat against the people. I would call it: “Damn the Constitution; Full speed ahead to destroy the opposition!”

Robert Green

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