I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Barack Obama traveled to Mexico, a country on the verge of collapse and chaos, wrought with an epidemic of violence, operating under a narco-economy, a nation in which fully 10 percent of its population has fled to the U.S., a country with little respect for private property, the will of the people and the rule of law, and blamed America for the few problems he saw there.

After all, that’s what Democrats do.

They’ve been doing it since at least 1984 when U.N. Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick pointed out that those she called “the San Francisco Democrats” (that’s where they held their convention that year) were always “blaming America first.”

They’ve been doing it ever since.

In fact, it started long before 1984.

It started precisely in 1972 when the Democratic Party took a wicked left turn after the nomination of its last real American, Vice President Hubert Humphrey, resulted in a defeat by Richard Nixon. It was all downhill from there.

The Democrats nominated that year Sen. George McGovern, pledging to pull out of Vietnam immediately and precipitously, which a later Democratic Congress ultimately did, resulting in the slaughter of millions.

In 1976, they gave us Jimmy Carter, who disguised his radicalism and vicious anti-Semitism, and won in the wake of Watergate and only token opposition from an embarrassingly weak appointed president named Gerald Ford.

But Ronald Reagan gave us hope by beating him soundly in 1980, and the nation experienced recovery during eight years of “Morning in America.”

In 1984, the Democrats nominated Walter Mondale – who lost in a landslide to Reagan.

In 1988, the Democrats nominated Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts – who lost to George H.W. Bush.

In 1992, the Democrats nominated Slick Willy Clinton, who, once again, disguised his radicalism and beat the inept Bush and the equally inept Bob Dole in 1996.

In 2000, the Democrats nominated Al Gore – the man who invented not only the Internet but global warming as an excuse to usher in a socialist economy in America and around the world. He actually won the popular vote, because he, too, was still in stealth mode. But he lost the Electoral College vote, still a source of great resentment among Democrats, who would like to move to direct election of the president despite what the Constitution requires.

In 2004, the Democrats nominated John Kerry, a man who truly hates America and has ever since he returned from his phony Purple Heart service in Vietnam.

In 2008, a lifelong Marxist named Barack Obama had the good fortune to run against Sen. John McCain and an economy wrecked by George W. Bush who actually admitted, just months before the election, that he was abandoning the free-enterprise system to save the free-enterprise system. Obama, too, disguised his vicious anti-Americanism with the help of an equally vicious anti-American and unprincipled media, and won.

Obama has been “blaming America first” ever since. It’s what he does. He’s never responsible for anything that goes wrong. He’s in his fifth year of blaming all of America’s ills on his predecessor – and getting away with it because of a compliant and virtually state-run media.

So there he was, again, last Friday doing what he does best – blaming America first on foreign soil.

He could see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil about the country he was visiting.

Why should he?

If it weren’t for Mexico running off so many of its citizens to America, even Obama admitted he never would have become president in the first place. That’s right. He actually admitted it!

“Despite the deep bonds and values we share, attitudes – in both countries – are sometimes trapped in old stereotypes,” said Obama. “Some Americans only see the Mexico depicted in sensational headlines of violence and border crossings. Some Mexicans may think America disrespects Mexico, that we seek to impose ourselves on Mexican sovereignty, or, alternatively, wish to wall ourselves off. And in both countries, such distortions can breed myths and misunderstanding that only make it harder to make progress together.”

He went on to applaud Mexico for:

  • “deepening your democracy”
  • standing up against violence
  • “a courageous press working to hold leaders accountable” (Obama is not so appreciative of the independent press in his own country that attempts to do this.)
  • “a robust civil society”
  • “political parties that compete vigorously, transfer power peacefully and forge the compromise on which progress depends”

In fact, aside from some truly courageous members of the press who often risk their lives to expose corruption in Mexico, none of these accolades are true. Mexico is about as dysfunctional as any Third World country, despite its immense oil reserves, a potentially fabulous tourist trade and abundant cheap labor.

“I see a Mexico that is creating new prosperity,” Obama said.

Perhaps by Obama’s standards of recovery: Mexico’s economic growth is at 1 percent – about the same as his own since taking office in 2009.

He then went on to apologize for America’s immigration system for not making it easier for more Mexicans to enter the U.S. and stay here forever.

And he even gave away the reason he and his fellow “blame America first” Democrats want to see more millions of Mexican peasants enter the country legally or illegally – and stay.

“Indeed, without the strong support of Hispanics, including so many Mexican-Americans, I would not be standing before you today as president of the United States,” Obama conceded.

One thing conspicuously missing from Obama’s speech was any mention or apology for his administration’s own contribution to Mexican drug violence – his “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal that resulted not only in the murders of at least two U.S. law enforcement officers, but an untold number of Mexican and American citizens.

But what should we expect from another “blame America first” president?

After all, he was only trying to do an end-run on America’s constitutional guarantee of the right to bear arms by blaming America first for the out-of-control drug violence in Mexico.


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