(Hollywood Reporter) “2016: Obama’s America” might have been blackballed due to politics, says Gerald Molen in a letter to Academy president Hawk Koch.

An Oscar-winning producer wants the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to consider removing Michael Moore from the documentary branch of its board of governors because he says the Fahrenheit 9/11 filmmaker is overly partisan.

“2016: Obama’s America” (DVD) — The movie that explains it all

Gerald Molen, who co-produced Schindler’s List with Steven Spielberg in 1993, also co-produced 2016: Obama’s America last year, a documentary starring Dinesh D’Souza that he says the Academy ignored because of the film’s politically conservative bent. In a letter he wrote to Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president Hawk Koch, Molen blames Moore for the alleged snub, along with the other two governors on the Academy’s documentary branch, Rob Epstein and Michael Apted, whom he also infers are politically biased against conservative films.

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