(KDVR-TV) Paul Templer knew his would-be murderer. He was sort of hard to miss. After all, he was a two-ton hippopotamus.

The Michigan native recounted his amazing tale in the London Guardian’s “Experience” series last week. Considering Templer was swallowed by a hippo and lived to tell about it, other stories in the series may end up failing in comparison.

At the time of the swallowing, Templer was a 27-year-old river guide giving tours down the Zambezi river near Victoria Falls along the African border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Everything started when one of Templer’s apprentices got his small kayak – complete with two worried tourists – hi-centered on the back of a large hippo. Templer said he paddled furiously back upstream in an attempt to assist the kayak.

That’s when he was “engulfed into darkness.”

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