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Rumsfeld: IRS also targets business leaders

(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) Tea Party and conservative constitutional groups may be the new targets of the Internal Revenue Service, but former Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld reveals in his new book out this week that outspoken businesses critical of the federal government are also singled out by the IRS and Securities and Exchange Commission.

In “Rumsfeld’s Rules, Leadership lessons in Business, Politics, War and Life,” the former chairman of G.D. Searle & Co. said that business leaders often bite their tongue rather than criticize presidents out of fear the administration will retaliate.

In a chapter titled “The case for capitalism,” Rumsfeld notes that business leaders like to pose with presidents but “we seldom read about prominent business leaders directly critiquing the actions of the federal government or stepping up to defend the advantages of free markets and the opportunities they create for the American people.”