Rush Limbaugh

“I’ll support amnesty,” Limbaugh said this week, “but they can’t vote for 25 years” (FREE audio).

Limbaugh suggested the “compromise,” knowing full well, “The people for amnesty will never go for it that way. … If we make everything else in immigration possible except they can’t vote, then what happens to the support for it? It would all plummet and fall apart.”

Rush pointed out, “The Democrat Party needs a permanent underclass in order to stay in power,” adding, “The Democrats become the providers. Santa Claus. And then on the other side of that, who is it that wants to take it away from them? That would be the Republicans, who are mean-spirited, cold-hearted extremists, so goes the story” (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

This week, Dr. Savage celebrated another victory in his conflict with former syndicator Talk Radio Network.

A federal judge upheld an earlier ruling that, in effect, made Savage a “free agent,” no longer obligated to work on what he called “a radio plantation.”

Savage told WND the ruling “should free talent from the threats and extortionist behavior of ruthless Old-Hollywood types who can still be found in the corners of the radio industry. For me, personally, it finalizes a struggle to perform for my audience in an atmosphere of freedom.”

After his win, Michael Savage was profiled in the influential Radio and Television Business Report, which called him, “relevant, unpredictable, witty and wise.”

In a wide-ranging interview, he talked about growing up listening to “The Green Hornet” on the radio, which sparked his imagination and nurtured his passion for the medium. Savage also acknowledged the role an expert call screener can play in a host’s success, and talked about his latest novel, “A Time for War.

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Mark Levin

Levin calls the mainstream media’s coverage of the Benghazi hearings “a pathetic joke.”

He added it is obvious that a “full fledged White House cover-up” has been going on, yet the major networks are ignoring the scandal (FREE audio).

Levin is now offering a free cell phone ring tone of his impersonation of Hillary Clinton’s infamous question about Benghazi: “What difference does it make?” (FREE audio)

Aaron Klein

Broadcasting live from Tel Aviv, Aaron Klein served up exclusive insider information about Israel’s bombing of Syrian “military research centers” and other targets. Are the two nations now officially at war?

He also reported on the scandalous number of other accused Chechnyan terrorists who currently live in Boston – the site of the most recent attack on American soil.

Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., called in to talk about his bill to limit amount of ammunition the government can buy; he believes the Department of Homeland Security is intentionally purchasing millions of rounds of hollow point bullets simply to keep them out of the hands of ordinary, law abiding Americans.

In addition, Klein has new information about the Spanish company that purchased the largest electronic voting firm in the United States, a move that some suspect will negatively impact American election results (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Is General Motors subsidizing Chinese jobs with American taxpayers’ money? Laura Ingraham’s guest, Edward Niedermeyer of the Wall Street Journal, says yes, pointing out that thanks to the government’s $50-billion bailout of GM, the automaker is now building new factories in the People’s Republic.

Heritage Fellow Robert Rector joined Laura to blast the immigration reform planned being pushed by Sens. Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. The Heritage Foundation’s new study shows that “amnesty” will cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars over time.

Larry Kudlow and Laura sing Sen. Ted Cruz’s praises after Cruz blasted fellow Republicans who want to bring in an Internet sales tax. Kudlow agreed that such a tax would stifle economic growth, punish consumers and burden businesses large and small with outrageous compliance costs (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

The Anti-Defamation League has targeted Glenn Beck for criticism before, which strikes many observers as strange, considering Beck’s highly vocal support of the state of Israel.

Their latest criticism is especially off the mark. The ADL rushed to condemn Beck’s lengthy speech to the National Rifle Association’s annual convention last week, because, they said, part of Beck’s slideshow included a photo comparing New York’s Mayor Bloomberg (who is Jewish) to Adolph Hitler.

The trouble is, the photo depicted Soviet leader Lenin, not Hitler. Beck has asked for an apology.

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