I know, I know. We’re not supposed to think – much less say – anything that might cast terrorist aspersions on Muslims.

Islam is, we are consistently told, “a religion of peace.”

Perhaps so, but there’s no doubt events across the world have shown that virtually all terrorist attacks against the West and Christians have been perpetrated by militant Islamists.

Their hate of the infidel – us – and their intentions to eliminate us or convert us into a Shariah world are clearly stated. They train their children in the mantra.

But in our multi-culti-PC haze, we ignore what is before us and pretend history doesn’t count.

Consider last Wednesday. Police on routine midnight patrol at the Quabbin Reservoir in Belchertown, Mass, discovered seven adults in a no-trespassing area.

This reservoir supplies drinking water for Boston and 40 other communities.

Police questioned the five men and two women.

They said they were chemical engineers recently graduated from college and were there because of “their education and career interests.”

There is no report if the police kept a straight face, but after a cursory background check, the seven were released pending a court summons for trespassing.

But there are other details. All are from the Middle East – Pakistan, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. Their names haven’t been released, but we’re told they live in Amherst, Cambridge, Sunderland, Northampton and New York City.

I guess it was just an accident they all turned up together that night to do midnight “chemical engineering research.”

The FBI has tested the water, and there’s no sign of contamination.

But – are these people being followed? What is their immigration status? Do they have jobs? What schools did they attend? Are any of them related? Why don’t we have their names?

And does anyone believe they’ll voluntarily show up for their court date?

But we can’t be suspicious of Muslims, can we – even though the week before it was reported that the FBI arrested a Muslim man in New York in a plot to contaminate the water or air of a U.S. city, hoping to kill 100,000 people?

Canada’s CBC news said he’s Ahmed Abassi, a 26-year-old chemical engineering student at Laval University. In addition, he was linked to a suspected plot to derail a Canadian passenger train.

Am I the only one to see a pattern?

Given our experience with Islamic extremists across the world and in our own country, you’d think it would be tops on our list of issues to inform government officials, law enforcement, the military and, yes, even average Americans, that there are dangers and we need to know of them.

The Boy Scouts’ slogan, “Be Prepared,” says it all.

If you know the enemy and the dangers, you can protect yourself and perhaps even prevent an attack.

But no. The reality is that Muslims in this country get a pass from our government. The reality is that our military and law enforcement are being brainwashed into ignoring history and information, which might make it easier to spot dangers and prevent catastrophes.

Remember Sept. ll? Remember that those terrorists were taking flight lessons on how to fly a plane but not how to land it?

To any thinking person, that might seem strange – especially since the people involved were from the Middle East, most from Saudi Arabia and most on expired visas.

But no, we did nothing, and they accomplished the worst attack on our country in history, killing 3,000 innocent people.

For what? The religion of peace.

In the years since, we’ve prevented a number of terrorists attacks in our country – the Times Square bomber, the underwear bomber, the Fort Dix bombers, the millennial bomber, among them.

But we still act stupid.

The Department of Homeland Security has issued specific warnings about what it considers the dangers of “right-wing religious extremism,” including people who are pro-life and support the Constitution.

According Secretary Janet Napolitano, that’s the core of the dangers to our national security.

But as for pro-Shariah Muslim supremacists – well, back off.

The Daily Caller obtained a government checklist entitled “Countering Violent Extremism Dos and Don’ts,” which says it is the Obama administration policy to consider it legitimate for Islam to criticize our system of government.

It instructs readers to avoid criticism of Islam and Shariah goals and says that anyone who equates the desire for Shariah law in this country with criminal activity is violating our own First Amendment.

Readers are warned not to think Muslims use our laws to subvert democracy, despite the fact that there have been court decisions confirming that very fact.

We’ve just experienced the second worst terrorist attack in this country – bombings in Boston, carried out by two young Muslim brothers. The elder was killed in his escape attempts. He’d gone to Russia for six months and met with radical Muslims.

That he was allowed back into this country on his visa raises questions – but then, we must be nice to Muslims.

The younger is in custody.

Last Sept. 11, he became an American citizen, but he carried out the bombing. In his attempt to escape capture, he hid in a boat in a yard.

The police got him and have now revealed that that he wrote “F### America” and other insults against “the infidels” on the boat panels as well as “Praise Allah.”

Aren’t you glad he’s an American citizen?

How did that happen – after he lived on welfare, flunked out of school, had a scholarship and frequented local radical mosques?

Do you think someone cast a blind eye on these Muslims? Is the sky blue?

As I write this, there was a catastrophic train wreck in Connecticut.

I hope it was an accident.

I hope, I hope, I hope.

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